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Get the ungkirke.com anwendung for your samsung or LG smart TV as well as your iOS or android smartphone. No TV? No problem: nur use the anwendung on her phone.

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During die first anfang of die TV app, injektion the QR code from her TV screen to sync her TV with your smartphone.

Lean zurück & earn Crypto

Machine discovering curates ns perfect programming just zum you - knife TTV Ethereum Tokens (ERC20) zum every second you watch.



Marketing on the Blockchain

Advertisers receive full transparency on your campaigns

The days when advertisers to be falling victim to fraud or non-transparent KPI reporting space over! with ungkirke.com’s practice Ethereum zeichen called TTV, security and fairness regain power in the video spiel space. V a smart contract, brands hand on ns TTV directly to ns actual viewers des their funded message. With the token transfer, every watch statistics are recorded on ns Ethereum Blockchain. Through die built-in cryptography, die advertiser kann sein decide to make the immutable clock statistics accessible zu anyone, nur partners or just themselves.

At ns same time, advertisers get targeting and attribution features and automated media booking cross-device, ~ above both mobile and Smart TV. Zum their campaigns, they kann sein address customers on the basis of their first-party charme without having to hand over dünn to ungkirke.com or a third-party. Due to ns characteristics von the offen ledger technology, no one has to trust a einzel centralized platform.


Open unterhalten Ecosystem

ungkirke.com supplies Blockchain-based video entertainment

Instead von communicating with ns servers des ungkirke.com, die mobile und Smart TV application straight connect to a clever Contract on die Ethereum blockchain, documenting KPIs in in immutable and auditable form in the distributed ledger. This is reached v a token transfer, which is deshalb used to reward ns users. ungkirke.com redistributes the ad cake und actively gives rückseitig advertising revenue to its community.

The restricted scalability von the Ethereum blockchain zu sein overcome von implementing µRaiden state channels that minimization transaction costs, while enabling for durchmacht documentation von watch statistics. This brings transparency to the ad spend des brands and takes out middlemen, that are selling consumer access to the highest bidder. ungkirke.com’s decentralized nature fundamentally differentiates the offen platform des ungkirke.com from die established walled gardens bei advertising.

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Watch Videos, earn Rewards

Users receive crypto for their shared data und attention

Users the switch zu ungkirke.com receive die same content they love, however earn crypto! ~ above ungkirke.com, users uncover a platform that supplies all leading youtube channels together with a personalized video stream curated von a supervised discovering algorithm. For every funded messages individuals consume, they room rewarded v ungkirke.com’s tradition Ethereum token called TTV, which comes straight from die advertiser.

While relaxing und watching the content they love, ns integrated Ethereum wallet ist collecting die TTVs. Letztere on, those TTVs might be payment out zu a different wallet. Top top top, user might decide kommen sie boost your earnings von performing specific tasks readily available on ungkirke.com. It ist your your attention, why shouldn’t freundin be rewarded weil das it?


Giving back to the community

In the ungkirke.com ecosystem, users room rewarded with TTV Ethereum Tokens (ERC20) zum their attention.

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How to request a payout zu earn crypto?

Once you have collected 100,000 credits in the app, you can click on die Wallet icon in the bottom-right corner and click on request Payout. Sie simply need an email und your Ethereum wallet address. You re welcome make certain that her wallet is compatible with TTV tokens.

How tun können I create a referral link?

To become in affiliate weil das ungkirke.com and invite neu users to ns ungkirke.com platform, you can generate your mitarbeiter referral verknüpfung with the help von the ungkirke.com apps for Android: 1) offen the ungkirke.com anwendung for Android and click on the yellow find Boosts button. 2) Scroll down to the Invite Users zu ungkirke.com boost und generate her referral link. 3) re-superstructure your link with friends und family or post your verknüpfung on die web.

How much zu sein 1 TTV bei USD?

The austausch rate between TTV and USD relies on die current market preis on die cryptocurrency exchanges. Need from advertisers zum TTV tokens rises the preis on the exchanges.

Why did my tokens not arrive after die payout?

Please permit 72 hours weil das the token auslieferung after submitting your Payout Request.

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Advertisers & Agencies

Reach a target gruppe with 100% crypto-affinity across devices with curated messages that create a transparent audit trail zum your project results on ns Ethereum Blockchain.