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In this competition, you do notfall lose in your stadion there are 5 matches. Protective solidity has notfall been his strong point, having conceded goals an 7 des the belastung 10 games an this competition. Bei 10 games an this competition, endured the first goal 4 times and never managed to turn ns score. Bei the belastung 8 home games in all competitions there room 1 highlights: he score 5 von his 10 goals an minutes (31’-45 ‘).

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Mönchengladbach oase been meditating an the Bundesliga und are at this time far from die relegation zone however are also not close to ns European championship. Exhilaration indoors und with ns support of the supporter, he will try to add three points in front des the Colony, yet it zu sein worth remembering that die opponent’s momente is better than yours, deswegen there have to be no facilities in this confrontation. For this match mönchengladbach has no known new embezzlements.Analysis of the ColonyThe visiting team is currently bei 6th place with 18 points, ~ 5 wins, 3 draws und 2 losses. In the penultimate match, won hinweisen home to Hamburg von (3-0). In the last match, lost out kommen sie Eintracht Frankfurt über (1-0). This zu sein a mannschaft affected von the home factor, having won 5 points together a visitor and 13 in their stadium, through 11 purposes scored and 2 goals conceded hinweisen home, against 5 purposes scored and 5 suffered as a visitor. Bei the championship, ns Cologne winner 5 points in 15 chances, after ~ 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses in the tonnage 5 gamings they played as a visitor. His attack has scored regularly, as he has scored goals bei 8 von the last 10 games weil das this competition. Bei 10 games in this competition, that only controlled 1 revolve on the scoreboard in the 5 games bei which that conceded the zuerst goal.

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The momente the Cologne side von the German championship ist comfortable, ~ all, there zu sein no risk von relegation and it kann approach the classification ar to die Champions League in case von victory. Understanding this, the mannschaft will try zu get die three points, due to the fact that against in opponent that resembles technically through his cast there is this possibility, however it requirements a lot of attention, because die game need to be fairly even, also playing in the residence of in opponent dafür homely. Zum this match the mannschaft has no known new casualties.

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