Should sie buy ns iPhone 12 Pro, or zu sein it precious saving hoch some extra money and picking up ns 12 jeden Max?

die iPhone 12 Pro und iPhone 12 Pro maximal are Apple"s most expensive iphone phone models. In previous years, the only ja wirklich difference betwee flagship iPhones was ns screen size und battery capacity. But this time around, apple decided kommen sie incentivize its biggest iPhone with an ext "pro-grade" features.

Du schaust: 12 pro vs 12 pro max

This is a comprehensive guide kommen sie help you choose die right iPhone.

What functions Do castle Share?

The iphone phone 12 Pro und 12 pro Max schutz many commonalities. Right here are the features that you"ll gain regardless of which modell you choose:

die 12 Pro und 12 Pro max both use Apple"s A14 Bionic chip same colors und build design same storage alternatives exact same 12MP und ultra-wide cameras 5G connectivity ProRAW capability

iPhone 12 Pro in Gold.
die iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro max share many des the same improvements that are consistent with other iPhone 12 models. This contains Apple"s A14 Bionic chip, i beg your pardon delivers the fastest performance von any smartphone on ns market. These iPhones deshalb come equipped with 5G connectivity, permitting you to get faster charme on your cellular connection.

These iPhones both have identical 12MP front-facing und ultra-wide cameras. This sensors are found in every iphone 12 device, und both von them deliver continual quality regardless von the model you choose.

Read our iphone phone camera failure to see which iphone phone camera system ist right zum you.

Exclusive to the pro models, both devices so have a base storage configuration of 128GB and are accessible all ns way up kommen sie 512GB.

The pro models also get their own shade options, i beg your pardon consist von Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, und Silver. Die Pro modell feature a stainless stole band und a frosted glass back.

Finally, they support Apple"s new ProRAW format.

Featured image for sich entschuldigen ProRAW.
ProRAW is Apple"s new image format that combines ns iPhone"s bild processing with the info of RAW photo files. This new bild format permits you kommen sie get a much more detailed ende result that zu sein just as easy zu edit.

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What"s ns Difference between the iphone 12 Pro and 12 zum Max?

The iphone phone 12 pro Max ist a much bulkier phone und has particular aspects that differentiate it indigenous its smaller sized sibling. Below are die major distinctions that can sway sie toward or far from ns bigger phone.


The hauptsächlich visual difference betwee the two devices is the display size. Die iPhone 12 zum comes equipped through a 6.1-inch supervisor Retina XDR display, while the 12 Pro max has a bigger 6.7-inch at sight Retina XDR display.

The 12 Pro max technically has a slightly higher resolution, but it"s notfall going to be visible to the naked eye.

Both display screens support HDR10+, Dolby Vision, und have a top brightness of 1200 nits. This phones also have Apple"s neu Ceramic Shield protection which offers better scratch protection and drop resistance.

iPhone 12 series Ceramic Shield.


On kommen sie battery: the iPhone 12 pro has a 2815-milliamp-hour battery, while die Pro max has a larger 3687-milliamp-hour cell. Because von the 12 pro Max"s bigger footprint, you"re going kommen sie get viel better battery life from the larger call than sie are with the smaller one.

The 12 Pro zu sein rated to oase 17 hours des continuous videos playback while the 12 Pro max supports a total von 20 hours of video playback.

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If battery life und display size matte to you, you"re far better off getting die larger 12 jeden Max. However, sie should note that the larger size comes with the tradeoff von it gift a viel more unwieldy device, especially with sich entschuldigen making ns sides of the phone call flat.

If sie prefer a much more portable an equipment with contempt worse battery life, ns 12 Pro is a viel better choice.


The camera zu sein the most notable difference betwee the 2 devices. Both iPhones schutz a three-camera setup on the zurück and bei identical selfie camera on ns front.

The iphone phone 12 Pro and 12 Pro maximal each schutz a 12MP, f/1.6 main sensor. But the sensor on die 12 jeden Max is larger, which allows for better low-light photography und better detail.

A closeup showing the three behind camera on die Pacific Blue version of the iphone 12 pro Max.
This hauptsächlich sensor on ns 12 zum uses OIS (Optical bild Stabilization) zu make video smoother und less jittery. Whereas die 12 Pro max uses sensor-shift kommen sie stabilize clip even much more effectively.

Sensor-shift ist where ns sensor des your camera physically moves inside to stabilize her image, und this technology zu sein common bei larger DLSR cameras.

Both devices also have a telephoto camera, but they have different focal distance lengths. Optically, the 12 pro telephoto zooms bei 2x while the 12 Pro max zooms bei 2.5x. Die difference here zu sein minute, yet it"s precious noting if you"re into portrait photography or other areas that require ns telephoto lens.

Overall, ns 12 jeden takes stellar photo and video, but die 12 jeden Max ausblüten outshines that from a hardware perspective.

i m sorry Model ist Right zum You?

The iphone phone 12 jeden starts hinweisen $999 und the iphone 12 Pro max starts punkt $100 more punkt $1099. Both gadgets are without doubt flagship phones v flagship prices, und when choosing bolzen these two, it comes down zu what sie need out of your device.

If you"re looking weil das the best phone apple has kommen sie offer, the iPhone 12 jeden Max ist a no-brainer. You"re getting the largest display, ns best battery life, und the finest camera system from Apple. But des course, the comes punkt a hefty cost (literally), und you might not want to have the bulkiest machine either.

And that"s where die regular 12 zum comes in.

The continuous iPhone 12 Pro zu sein a decent compromise between the iphone phone 12 und the iphone 12 jeden Max. You"re getting the same premium construct as die 12 pro Max, and you"re acquiring a very similar camera suffer that all fits in ~ a smaller, reasonably sized device.

Overall, it comes down to which an equipment fits your criteria ns best. If sie want die best camera experience, get die bigger jeden Max; if freundin want the smaller device that has most von the features von the bigger phone, get ns iPhone 12 Pro.

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iPhone 12 Pro maximal Review: It"s Massive und I liebe It It"s bigger, better, und as close zu perfect together any smartphone on ns market.