144 Hz Monitor 27 Zoll

XL2411K - 24” 144Hz DyAc™XL2731 - 27” 144HzXL2546K - 24.5" 240Hz DyAc+™XL2746S - 27” 240Hz DyAc+™

The XL2731 esports gaming beaufsichtigt is ns new edition of the 27"/FHD/144hz heat up. It comes with shade Vibrance which möchte help players determine enemies simpler on ns battleground. Utilizing it together with schwarz eQualizer wollen provide gamers uncompromised visual experience, permitting you to strike your enemy without hesitation. 

Recommended Game und Spec

ungkirke.com ungkirke.com"s esports gaming monitors space tailored v FPS experienced players, deshalb any FPS gamings should be an extremely recommended. 

Some noteworthy titles like CS:GO, PUBG, APEX Legends, OVERWATCH, und Valorant are an extremely recommended. 

Games choose DOTA2, League of Legends, or various other MMO are deshalb very enjoyable on XL2411P if sie enjoy ns smoothness des 144Hz. 

It"s also recommended kommen sie use die OEM DP cable. Please double check her graphic card"s connection port before placing your order. 



Concentration is a an essential factor zum esports. The XL-series LCD frame was specially designed zu reduce light reflection from ns screen, helping you stay concentrated on die game.

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Wall Mountable

Adopted & desired Worldwide über Many experienced Tournaments und Gamers

Best features on ungkirke.com Gaming monitor favored von Pro Gamers

Catch details in motion and enjoy liquid gameplay with ungkirke.com 144Hz refresh price monitor. It also makes your manage smooth und precise bei game, such as FPS und MOBA games.

*The simulation image is just zum reference, zum actual impact please suffer it at zuerst hand.


Black eQualizer – Spot adversaries hiding in the dark

Brighten the dark areas without overexposing areas that are currently bright. Remove your doubt wie scanning your scene, enabling you to seen your targets prior to they lakers you.



Color Vibrance – identify your adversaries effortlessly

Color Vibrance provides you ns flexibility zu easily track preferred color tone und makes color grading more defined. Through 20 levels von Color Vibrance settings, you tun können get details viewing requirements and preferences weil das all types von gameplay.



Color Vibrance offers you the flexibility kommen sie get the color performance. V 20 levels des Color Vibrance settings, you kann sein get particular viewing requirements und preferences zum all types von gameplay.

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Height Adjustable stand - Gaming bei Comfort

The Height adjustable Stand kann sein be operated with nur one finger so you can easily adjust the height des the beaufsichtigt to your preferred viewing angle, maximizing your comfort.


With nur a finger, you tun können adjust to a viewing angle that"s perfect weil das you wie man playing and avoid neck and spine strains during long hours des gaming.

Flicker-free Technology

Flicker-free technology helps alleviate eye strain, which kann help keep freundin practicing the extended hours needed zu keep sie at ns top von your game.

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Eliminates the harmful flicker von conventional LCD

Low Blue light Technology

Filter the end harmful blue light

Minimize intuitive Distractions

Concentration zu sein a an essential factor for e-Sports. The XL-series LCD frame was specially designed zu reduce light reflection from ns screen, maintaining your emphasis on ns game.


Q: ist this Überwachen compatible through PS5 and XBOX series X zum 1080p


A: This monitor supports 1080p
120hz for Xbox series ns ONLY von HDMI, und extra procedures are required

Step 1. Go kommen sie Setting > basic > TV & display options >Advanced > videobilien fidelity & overscan

Step 2. Under videobilien fidelity & overscan, go to Display und select “HDMI”, then click “USE manual SETTING” for Override her TV’s introduce settings

Step 3. Under general TV & screen options, go to Display and select “1080p”, then click “Yes” to keep this resolution

Step 4. Go to Display and select “120hz” weil das refresh rate select, climate click “Yes” to keep this refresh rate

Step 5. Activate food selection bar, go to system > info > check if that “1920x1080

See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Raz_58cMJXk

For die non-mentioned consoles, this Überwachen only supports maximal of 60Hz. 


For more information

Mount the beaufsichtigt onto the wall kommen sie improve comfort and your posture 

Compare 27" XL-series Monitors


LCD dimension (inch)‎27
Aspect ratio‎16:9
Max. Resolution (PC/Laptop)1920 x 1080 hinweisen 144Hz (DVI-DL, DP, HDMI 2.0)
Display area597.60 x 336.15
Pixel key (mm)0.311
Typ. Brightness (cd/㎡)‎320
Typ. Comparison ‎1000:1
Typ. DCR (DyNamic contrast Ratio) ‎12M:1
Panel type‎TN
Fast flüssig crystalNo
Input/Output connector‎DVI-DL / HDMI 2.0 x2 / DP1.2 / headphone jack
Power supplyBuilt-in
Power consumption (On mode)‎
Size & Weight‎
Dimensions (HxWxD mm)‎549.37 (Highest) / 424.89 (Lowest) x 632.5 x 227.35
Dimensions with wall mount (HxWxD mm) (w/o Base)‎373.8 x 632.5 x 63.5
Net load (kg)‎9.5
Gross weight (kg)12.2
VESA wall mounting 100x100 mm‎V
Pivot 90°‎V
Swivel (left/right)‎45 / 45
Tilt (°)‎-5~20
Height adjustment (mm)‎140
Black eQualizerV
Color Vibrance‎V
Low Blue Light‎V
K Locker‎V
Accessories‎ included in the box
Dust cover‎No




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