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Stranger sachen season 4 zu sein officially landing next year. When that might seem a long time zu wait, there"s blieb tons of information out there about ns upcoming series kommen sie tide us over while us wait. Weil das one thing, a in brand geraten new teaser was unveiled weist Netflix"s Tudum event, and we also have einzelheiten on the neu cast members arriving weil das the 4th installment.

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We"ve rounded up absolutely whatever there ist to know about the neu season right here, with die lowdown on each and every teaser trailer, und quotes from die cast und crew on what zu expect an the new season, with steve actor joe Keery informing our sister publication Total film that season 4 möchte be "a last scarier 보다 prior years." und that"s far from whatever we"ve got. So, scroll on kommen sie prepare to venture rückseitig into the Upside when more, und find the end all freundin need kommen sie know around Stranger things season 4.

The Stranger jene season 4 release window

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While Netflix never ever revealed an official Stranger jene season 4 release date, it has been evidenced that die series wollen be landing in 2022. There"s blieb no particular date beyond that, though.

David Harbour – that plays Hopper – said during a Q&A that die series was “supposed to kommen sie out early <2021>” however has to be delayed due zu the coronavirus pandemic, i beg your pardon left plenty of movies und TV mirrors unable zu film. Ns series had started filming pre-outbreak but was forced zu pause.

If Stranger sachen season 4 does want zu tie into a vital date, as previous periods did, perhaps new Year"s day 2022 would certainly be an option? There"s been no official comment indigenous Netflix, though.

Following some twitter teases, Stranger jene season 4 was officially evidenced (to no one"s surprise) v a teaser trailer that featured ns season 4 logo design being strangled von the living vines des the Upside Down. It also has a clock chiming. Ns video concludes with die message, "We"re not in Hawkins anymore." can we expect die curtain kommen sie be drawn zurück on die Upside Down"s secrets?

Then, in February 2020, a second trailer arrived, confirming a really important return... Hopper"s alive! ~ perishing at the end of season 3, the stierkämpfer brothers schutz confirmed that david Harbour"s character wollen be back.

"It’s not all great news for our American; he zu sein imprisoned far from home bei the snowy wasteland des Kamchatka, wherein he will face risks both human... And other," die brothers said. "Meanwhile, back in the states, anew horror ist beginning kommen sie surface, something long-buried, something the connects everything….

"Season 4 ist shaping up zu be the biggest und most dreadful season yet, und we cannot wait for everyone to lakers more. In the while – pray for the American."

May 2021 lugged a neu teaser trailer –the minute-long clip watch the prüfen subjects punkt Hawkins national Laboratory tenderness going about their day an the ominously title Rainbow Room. It"s a remind scene, and we kann hear Eleven"s labored der atem emanating from produziert room. "Eleven, are sie listening?" Matthew Modine"s Dr. Brenner, die one-time director des the lab, asks. Cryptic.

Yet another teaser trailer was released in August 2021. Eleven zu sein seen with a neu look und held zurück by shadowy government agents bei one moment. In another, Hopper looks to schutz broken out of Russian captivity bei some way or another and is bringing the heat with a flamethrower.

Another teaser, this one revealed hinweisen Netflix"s Tudum event, discover a new mysterious location: Creel House, described von the stierkämpfer Bros together a "super important location."

Netflix has also unveiled a watch at ns cast act a table read, the video confirming a couple of big names möchte return. Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), boy name Schnapp (Will), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), und Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Winona Ryder (Joyce), Sadie Sink (Max), charlie Heaton (Jonathan), Natalia Dyer (Nancy) space all present, together expected.Cara Buono (Karen) and the season-stealing Maya falcon (Robin) wollen return. Climate there’s a bald-headed david Harbour (Hopper), maybe fresh off his excursion zu Mother Russia.

Stranger dinge season 4 illustration count und titles

(Image credit: Netflix)

Reports oase circulated the Stranger Thingsseason 4 will be eight episodes long, which would be continual with periods 1 and 3, though one episode behind season 2. However, die Stranger dinge scriptwriters schutz since revealed that they"ve created nine illustration worth of scripts. In a tweet, the nine script were bezeichnen all piled top top top von one another. Natalie Dyer, that plays Nancy, has due to the fact that confirmed this, saying that ns delay to filming has allowed the scriptwriters to finish everything prior to filming – something that does notfall normally happen.

More interesting is the title of episode one. Yes, we"ve had actually confirmation ~ above the benennen of ns Stranger sachen season 4 premiere, all thanks to ns show"s official writers" twitter account. Die episode zu sein titled "The Hellfire Club," and alongside die image, a post reads: "Looking weil das new members... Are you in?"

The Hellfire Club is a kopieren, gruppe of villains who oase faced off against die X-Men plenty of times, consisting of on die big display screen inX-Men: erste Class. Bei that movie, ns Hellfire club is led by sebastian Shaw, played by Kevin Bacon. Of course, the Stranger jene kids wollen not oase seen the movie, however they will have read the comics.The Hellfire Club, filled v wealthy and influential people looking zu manipulate world events zum their very own benefit, debuted bei the 1980 comic Uncanny X-Men #129. Weist one stage, Jean Grey, overtaken von Phoenix, joins the club.

Numerous commentators schutz drawn comparisons bolzen Eleven and Jean Grey. Could the telepathic teenager be about kommen sie break bad? Well, possibly not.

me understanding nothing around HFC however running zum Club president pic.twitter.com/YYrfGV5ChENovember 6, 2020

While ns Hellfire Club may be a famous group from ns X-Men comics, the serves right here as the nennen of Hawkins High’s official Dungeons & dragons club. Joseph Quinn will play Eddie Munson, und that character wollen run the club. Suppose lots des D&D role-playing bei Stranger point season 4.

Stranger jene season 4 will notfall be ns last

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Fear not, Stranger sachen fans: season 4 will notfall be the last. Sure, Millie Bobby Brown might be leading new Netflix movies like Enola Holmes, but ns actor hasn"t left the series that made her a household nennen behind just yet.

“Season 4 won’t be the end,” showrunner Ross duffer told The hollywood Reporter. “We know what the end is, and we know wie it is. has offered us time to look ahead, number out what ist best zum the show. Starting zu fill that out gave us a better idea of how lang we need kommen sie tell the story.”

How many much more seasons möchte there be? that remains to be seen. The stierkämpfer brothers did notfall confirm. Whatever ns case, there wollen be more Stranger sachen after season 4, and for the we are thankful.

Stranger jene season 4 möchte be die scariest season yet – und the biggest

(Image credit: Netflix)

Joe Keery, that plays steve Harrington, had actually us very excited about Stranger things season 4 – even if the instantly above Scoops Ahoy outfit has been retired.

"Oh man, it"s pretty amazing – the stierkämpfer brothers have really done it again," Keery told our sister publicationTotal film magazine. "I think the this year – and I know i say this every einzel year – yet this zu sein definitely going kommen sie be a gewächs scarier than prior years, because tonnage year was pretty dark."

Quizzed around hanging up the Scoops Ahoy outfit, the replied: "I understand that costume offered its purpose and I"m glad kommen sie retire that . Execute I have it weist home zum Halloween? ich don"t, unfortunately. They won"t permit me oase that one. One day!" possibly Scoops Ahoy just isn"t scary enough weil das Stranger things anymore? Alas, we kann sein only expect that steve has zu dress an another ridiculous outfit at some time soon.

Along die same line, the duffer brothers have teased a different tone this time around. “Every time us go to a neu season, we want it to schutz a various feel and a various tone,” they newly said. When they go no further, that wouldn"t be a leap to see Stranger jene getting scarier come season 4.

Finn Wolfhard so told CBC"s radio Q (via Complex) the this season would be darker: "Every season it gets darker. Really, i will say with season 3, i was like, "This ist the darkest season the there’ll ever before be", like ns exploding rats und everything. However really, season 4 deswegen far, it’s the darkest season there’s ever been." that added: "Every year, it it s okay amped up. Annually it gets funnier und darker and sadder, und everything. Every year, castle amp that up."

Similarly, Gaten Matarazzo has spoken about season 4"s ton to et Online: "When it comes to ns tone des the season, it"s definitely, i think the tone zu sein definitely matured zum sure, und I think carry out that on purpose because i think they want their nur to mature through their kids. Together we are growing older together people, we schutz to prosper older together characters. They"re confronted von this issue, however they adopt it, und they usage it to their advantage. Und they don"t freak out wie man we gain taller or when our voices drop or anything favor that. They usage it and they usage it as ammunition for their writing. It"s tremendous what they kann sein do. Working with them, it"s nur exceptional. Constantly has been."

Following Keery"s comments, Natalia Dyer spoke around how the neu series möchte be "really big", teasing: "Honestly, ns scripts room great. I’m really excited. I’m excited for Nancy. Every time we end a season, we all think, where zu sein this going zu go? Where tun können this possibly go? Then we get die scripts weil das the following season und we’re, like, ‘Oh mine god, wow, like, wow!’”

Sean Levy, who acts as in executive producer, go one step further und said Stranger dinge will be "better 보다 ever" with season 4. “ impacted really positively von allowing the stierkämpfer Brothers, weil das the zuerst time ever, kommen sie write ns entire season before we shoot it und to oase time to rewrite bei a means that castle rarely had actually before dafür the quality of these screenplays are exceptional, maybe much better than ever,” Levysaid.

So, in the many, numerous months where ns Stranger dinge cast and crew to be twiddling their thumbs, the creators were able zu endlessly tweak and tinker with die scripts instead des literally writing sachen during filming. That tun können only it is in a good thing.

Stranger things season 4 setting

(Image credit: Netflix)

The Soviets’ involvement in season 3 was kept under wraps until die episodes to reduce on Netflix, dafür don’t expect any significant revelations about the Stranger things season 4 plot zum a great while yet. One des the most essential questions we schutz right now, however, concerns when the new season möchte be set. Not nur the month – as we’ve discussed over – but so the year.

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The zuerst three seasons oase been set bei November 1983, October 1984, und July 1985, respectively, deswegen it would be continuing an established pattern if Stranger dinge season 4 took place the following year, bei 1986. Yet we wouldn’t it is in surprised if the nur gave 1986 a fehlschlagen entirely and jumped straight on zu 1987.

Why? It’s notfall that we’ve gott anything against the year that carried us oberteil Gun and Aliens – and both would plainly be ripe weil das the sort of Easter egg treatment rückseitig to the Future received in season 3. Instead, this theory owes an ext to the fact that the teenage cast zu sein aging significantly faster an real life than they are in the show.

Although only 20 months oase passed bei Hawkins time since ns story began weil das Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and the rest, die actors schutz aged an ext than 3 years an the echt world – und it’ll be hinweisen least an additional 18 months before we see them in action again. Increasing ns in-show gap between seasons would certainly be a an excellent way kommen sie address the stars getting larger – specifically as Shawn levying says ns show’s creative team can’t do episodes any quicker.

“Probably once a woche we say kommen sie ourselves us really should arbeit faster,” Levy told ungkirke.com+’s sister publishing SFX ahead des season three. “Then in ~ moments us realize, ‘Oh wait, we’re functioning at the speed we kann sein work at.’ However much we resolve kommen sie work more quickly, the takes what the takes kommen sie do it right. Since we’re not really able to change the tempo it’s a factor why we simply take on the entwickeln of our actors – we don’t have bei option.”

Hopper"s return in Stranger sachen season 4

(Image credit: Netflix)

The biggest mystery in Hawkins surrounds Jim Hopper’s status. Des course, we already know die "American" wollen be back, however Eleven und the gang do not. Just how they will deal v his inescapable return remains to be seen. David Harbour has updated us on just how Stranger things season 4 wollen feature a "big, huge reveal around Hopper"s backstory."

Specifically, it’s kommen sie do with one von the significant boxes Eleven finds in Hopper’s stash midway through ns second season. Together Harbour explains, there room “five boxes, one des which has Brenner"s stuff from Hawkins Lab, one des which claims "Dad," and one von which claims "Vietnam," und one claims "New York.’ So, there space these three jene that we"ve established bei the season the if us don"t pay off, it method that wanne writers. And the stierkämpfer brothers space very great writers."

He continued: "I"m deshalb excited about revealing this aspect von the character. It"s one des the sachen that I"ve known because the first frame of the zuerst shot, and we haven"t expressed the yet. Und finally we"re gonna to express it in a huge way. It"s my favorite point about him that you guys don"t recognize about er yet, but it has to do through these backstories of new York, Vietnam, and dad."

Total film met with the actor throughout a niederdrücken run for black Widow, and Harbour thorough how Hopper"s return was like that of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings."I’ve had those discussions with from ns very zuerst season," the said. "We were always interested bei that idea von the Gandalf resurrection – Gandalf ns Grey that fights ns Balrog and then becomes Gandalf die White. It’s the idea of the resurrection des the character.

"And mythologically, Hopper, bei a sense, had to change. Ich mean, freundin couldn’t walk on the way he was going on. He has kommen sie resurrect an some way. So it was a great opportunity zu do that. So we’ll lakers a an extremely different man going forwards. Die same man but bei a different vein. It’s a very kühl thing zu be able kommen sie play."

Stranger sachen season 4 plot

(Image credit: Netflix)

Murray Bauman, ns Russian-speaking conspiracy philosopher who played a an essential role in season 3 (and who has actually been bumped up kommen sie a regular actors member zum season 4), has actually hinted that he to know something about Hopper"s whereabouts and could play a key part an bringing him back to Hawkins. Together CNET revealed, if sie call Murray"s residence phone number (618-625-8313, follow to ns show) you receive the following answerphone message:

“Hi, you have reached die residence des Murray Bauman. Mom, if this zu sein you, you re welcome hang up and call me between the hours des 5 und 6pm as formerly discussed, okay? If this is Joyce: Joyce, give thanks to you for calling, I oase been trying kommen sie reach you. Ich have an update. It’s about... Well, it’s probably finest if we speak in person. It’s notfall good or bad, yet it’s something.”

Reports oase indicated the season 4 will film bei New Mexico, home kommen sie the likes of break Bad, much better Call Saul, und a certain major conspiracy theory…

“This zu sein the zuerst time the zeigen will it is in traveling past Atlanta,” Netflix’s Momita SenGupta said des the decision kommen sie film an New Mexico, while deshalb promising that ns move means the nur will be “bigger, bolder and more complex than ever.”

So, why ist Stranger dinge upping sticks? It’s practically definitely spoiler-related. “If ich told you that, i would be disappearing into the Witness security Program,” SenGupta said when asked about the neu Mexico scenes. Those of you who recognize their UFO history, though, tun können point zu at the very least one significant location von interest in New Mexico: Roswell, where evidence von aliens was reportedly spotted an 1947. The event grew bei prominence in the so late 1970s-early 1980s. Maybe Baumanwill walk exploring?

Expect Stranger dinge season 4 to so explore exactly how Eleven ist coping jetzt that her telekinetic powers oase deserted herstellung – and also how she’s dealing with life ~ Hopper, life with die Byers in a new (as-yet unrevealed) town. If we’re pretty much certain the Stranger things season 4 will find some way von bringing Eleven, Joyce, Jonathan, und Will back to Hawkins at some point, young name Schnapp (who dram Will) suggested in in interview with enthauptungen Tonight that the story may hook up with him in a neu location: “I know that ich might have a different storyline from anyone else, dafür we might be filming, like, bei another place.”

New set photos imply that sachen may not go smoothly zum Eleven – lock show herstellung being wheeled on a stretcher, complete with bei oxygen mask. Freundin can also see police cars, what appears kommen sie be in armed soldier or guard von some kind, and plenty des rubble – dafür whatever happens bei this moment, it appears destructive.

Ross duffer appeared kommen sie echo this idea bei Entertainment Weekly: “I think die biggest point that’s going zu happen ist it’s going to open up a wenig bit, notfall necessarily in terms of scale, bei terms of special effects, but offen up in terms von allowing plotlines into locations outside von Hawkins.”

(Image credit: Netflix)

“Areas outside des Hawkins” can mean the Byers’ neu home or, just as feasibly, an ext trips to ns Soviet unionist – after ~ going to die effort des building that colossal base under ns Starcourt Mall, it’s i can not qualify Communist pressures be disappearing any kind of time soon. Indeed, stierkämpfer could even be referring to die mysterious world des the Upside down – over the prozess of three periods we’ve invested very little time there and we know also less about it.

“No one yes, really knows what die Upside under is, we just know what comes from it, choose Demogorgons und like ns Mind Flayer,” Caleb McLaughlin, that plays Lucas, told entertainment Weekly. “But ns Upside under is bei alternate dimension of our world. Our world is dafür big deswegen there’s more than just Demodogs, and Demogorgons and Mind Flayers, deshalb no one really knows.”

Perhaps notfall even the Duffers, it seems, as Levy easily admitted to SFX back in June the “we don’t really follow part overarching roadway map. Annually we end up exploring things that interest us in that moment, und that method we don’t setup everything.”

“We don’t recognize a last , but we do know a gewächs of the big vast strokes,” Ross stierkämpfer told spiel Weekly an July. “At the ende of season two, us knew around Billy . Us knew that the Russians to be going to come in. We didn’t know the mall und stuff, but again, we understand these huge broad strokes. That’s sort of where us are in season 4. We have the large broad strokes. It’s just now about filling bei those lines an the details. We’re quite excited about where it’s possibly going to go. It’s going zu feel an extremely different than this season. But i think that’s ns right thing kommen sie do and I think it’ll it is in exciting.”

David Harbour has hinted that season 4 möchte set up the show"s ending. "I mean, it"s bigger, that"s the zuerst thing," that told Collider. "In scope, in scale, even an the idea that we"re not in Hawkins anymore. We, locale-wise, we"re bigger. We"re introducing neu stuff, but we"re so tightening and wrapping up an a specific direction to make it schutz a clear, clean, specific, and definite ending punkt some point, which i can"t really talk about."

Stranger things season 4 cast

(Image credit: Netflix)

While ns accountants punkt Netflix möchte probably it is in tearing their hair the end at die thought of finding money zu pay a enormous ensemble of stars who’ll be considerably more expensive than they were as unknowns back an 2016, don’t expect auch many changes an the Stranger things season 4 cast. Though we’ve most likely seen the last of Dacre montgomery as Billy (even in a sci-fi show it’s tricky coming rückseitig from being consistently impaled by a monster) we’d it is in surprised if any des the Hawkins regulars were missing, other which has been confirmed von a actors reading video.

Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Sadie Sink (Max), Natalia Dyer (Nancy), joe Keery (Steve), Cara Buono (Karen), Winona Ryder (Joyce), boy name Schnapp (Will), charlie Heaton (Jonathan) and, von course, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) are all back. As isDavid Harbour"s Hopper. Maya hawk (Robin) has been confirmed to return.

“I wanna see at die video store,” star Hawke called Consequence des Sound. “So many des the good minds von the ’80s und ‘80s filmmakers und creatives started out working in video stores, und as far as ich know, that environment hasn’t yes, really been explored on TV. Ich think that would certainly be really fun.”

The Stranger dinge writers have also promised the Steve und Robin möchte certainly it is in back, but doing their own thing. They composed on Twitter: "Steve ist doing his own thing, you know, working through Robin and not drinking sufficient water since he it s okay distracted too easily and forgets where he placed his drink."

We haven"t watched the belastung of ns brilliant Brett Gelman together Murray Bauman, either – jetzt a season regular. Und after the briefest des wordless cameos in the season 3 finale, paulus Reiser’s Dr. Sam Owens will surely oase a role to play following time out.

And Lucas’s little sister Erica was such a key player an the assault on Starcourt Mall that Priah Ferguson will surely be back, while other breakout starmust deshalb be a cert for a return bei Stranger things season 4.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Onto die newcomers. Stranger sachen season 4 has added three regulars to proceedings. Jamie campbell Bower (The Mortal Instruments: stadt of Bones, Sweeney Todd) wollen play peter Ballard, who zu sein described together being "an orderly punkt a psychiatric hospital" and is "tired of the brutality the witnesses day after day". That sure sounds like a personality with links to Eleven"s origins.

Eduardo Franco(Booksmart, ns Binge) joins die cast as Argyle, Jonathan’s neu best friend and a "fun-loving stoner that proudly it is provided delicious pizza pies zum Surfer young Pizza". Rounding out the neu regulars ist Joseph Quinn(Catherine ns Great, Howards End) together Eddie Munson, that runs ns Hellfire Club.

Joining those 3 regulars are eight recurring characters. Sherman Augustus(Into die Badlands, Westworld)will portray Lt. Colonel Sullivan, that believes he tun können stop the evil bei Hawkins. Mason Dye(Bosch, die Goldbergs) wollen play jason Carver, a rich, handsome, teenager who"s dating ns most well-known girl in school. "But together a new evil endangers Hawkins, Jason’s perfect welt begins to unravel," review Netflix"s description des him.

Nikola Djuricko(Genius, an The festland of Blood und Honey) will playYuri, "a seedy and unpredictable Russian smuggler who loves bad jokes, cold tough cash, und crunchy layout peanut butter." Russian? perhaps working v Hopper bei Russia then?

Robert Englund(A Nightmare top top Elm straße Franchise) zu sein set kommen sie appear as Victor Creel, "a disturbed and intimidating einer who ist imprisoned an a psychiatric hospital zum a gruesome murder an the "50s."

Plus, there"s tom Wlaschiha(Game von Thrones, Jack Ryan) who wollen play Dmitri, a Russian jail guard that befriends Hopper. Over there a question of whether he kann be trusted, which will no doubt be die case v most des these neu characters.

That"s notfall all the new additions, either – anne With in E"s Amybeth McNulty joins ns cast together Vicky, defined as a "cool, fast-talking maßband nerd who catches die eye of one von our lovely heroes." miles Truitt zu sein set zu play basketball star Patrick, if Regina Ting Chen möchte play guidance counselor Ms. Kelly, and Grace van Dien ist lead cheerleader Chrissie, who conceals a "dark secret."

The movies affecting Stranger dinge season 4

(Image credit: Netflix)

As von the “Stranger Writers” account ~ above Twitter, ns writers" room has actually been looking punkt five films in particular for inspiration: ns Peanut Butter Solution, die Fisher King, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, You’ve got Mail and Ordinary People.

While each could be a red herring or nur something discussed in terms of a specifically minor plot point, the selection blieb offers a glimpse at ns thematic qualities in Stranger jene season 4.

Interestingly, a handful von these (The Fisher King, simple People) deal with life an the large city und involve coping v traumatic events, consisting of deaths und suicide. V the zuerst season 4 teaser outright saying, “We’re not an Hawkins anymore,” each could be a touchstone for how die Byers family faces life external Indiana.

Meanwhile, the Peanut Butter Solution zu sein perhaps a an ext obscure reference point: it attributes plenty of fantasy horror, too as in older authority figure exploiting children weil das his own ende – viel like Eleven’s origins. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey may be die most recognizable, though, and also the most interesting. That’s because it includes time travel and is so delightfully ‘80s in terms von its big hair, big ballads, und even enlarge fantastical scope, despite being released in 1991.

And You’ve gott Mail? It’s a tom Hanks romantic comedy around two unternehmen rivals that find love with each other in bei online chatroom. Uhh. We’ve got nothing.

The writers have so posted a whiteboard of the vast number des movies the they initially looked at, und some of them we really cannot seen a vast connection kommen sie Stranger Things, however it"s funny to see nonetheless.

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This zu sein it -- our last Video save Friday! Every time we disputed a movie, we created it on a whiteboard. Deshalb here it ist -- ns Video save whiteboard bei its full glory. That means that -- yes -- top top this board, you will discover the DNA the makes trost season 4! Enjoy, und stay safe! pic.twitter.com/T7hG1AR3s4April 24, 2020

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