40 Zoll Fernseher Test 2020

Looking weil das the ideal 40-inch TVs? We"ve got them all nicely rounded up here. If you oase a tight budget or merely don"t schutz the space for an enormous 65-inch TV then you may want zu consider a 40-inch screen instead. Lock might not sound as impressive as something bigger but freundin should not underestimate them.

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You’ll ausblüten be dazzled von features such together 4K resolution und HDR compatibility zu give freundin impressive picture quality, along with smart TV integration möchte ensure you kann sein access a wide variety of content options to enjoy. You’ll also be able kommen sie hook up all your video game consoles, Blu-ray players, und streaming boxes kommen sie get even much more out of the 40-inch TV.

All des that will not only kommen sie at a an ext budget-friendly preis compared with larger screens, yet you so won’t schutz to concern about the display conquering your living room space. 40-inch TVs are the perfect size zum secondary TVs bei bedrooms or the kitchen whereby getting ns best house cinema suffer might notfall be your major concern.

The downside? freundin can"t reap some von the much more stand-out attributes right now. Weil das instance, there space no 40-inch TVs that use OLED und most brands" flagship modell with the latest an innovation don"t come an a size this small.

However, we"re ausblüten tentatively optimistic that 42-inch OLED screens can happen one day also if the rumors space feeling increasingly distant. Weil das now, don"t count on OLED in a 40-inch form.

We’ve rounded up the best 40-inch TVs that we’ve the review on our website – consisting of 42-inch and 43-inch models. You’ll also find some extr tips around what to look for und how crucial picking die right TV dimension really is.

Top picks

What"s the best 40-inch TV?

(Image credit: Samsung)

1. Samsung AU7100 LCD TV (UK only)

The best 40-inch TV
Screen Size: 43-inch
Resolution: 4K
Panel type: LCD
Smart TV: Tizen
Dimensions: 964 ns 559 x 60mm
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Reasons zu buy
+Very kind 4K bild quality+Exemplary clever TV interface
Reasons to avoid
-No Dolby Vision HDR-Sound ist a little bit of bei afterthought

This UK exclusive samsung AU7100 UHD smart TV ist possibly the best 40-inch TV we’ve reviewed thanks to its perfect pairing von great features and bargain price. Zum just £449 for the 43-inch variant von the TV, you’ll acquire a 4K screen that delivers good color differentiation with little to no noise.

You won’t just get a great bild quality, but a brilliant OS too with Tizen – Samsung’s own clever TV OS and one von the finest around, many thanks to in easy-to-navigate design and customization.

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The contrast betwee lights and darks kann sein suffer thanks to die screen not being fairly bright enough kommen sie push highlights, und audio performance zu sein a little bit of in afterthought (though it offers Q Symphony Lite zum improved soundbar support).

You’ll deshalb lose the end on part multi-HDR support, deswegen while you wollen get HLG, HDR10, und HDR10+ dynamic metadata you’ll fehlschlagen out top top Dolby Vision (though this ist true of all samsung TVs). None von the issues are far-reaching enough zu be a deal-breaker hinweisen this preis (and die TV ausblüten performs extremely well) but freundin might notification a steep foto improvement top top larger und more high value models.

Read our full samsung AU7100 review

(Image credit: Samsung)

2. Samsung Q60T QLED TV

The cheapest QLED TV
Screen size: 43-inch
Resolution: 4K
Panel type: QLED
Smart TV: Tizen
Dimensions: 1229.4 x 706.1 ns 58.4mm
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Reasons kommen sie buy
+HDMI 2.1 und eARC+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-Edge lighting-Drop in processing over Q60R

Looking for the best 40-inch TV? look no further than the Q60T.

The samsung Q60T QLED occupies in important spot in Samsung’s TV lineup, being die cheapest von the brand’sQLEDsets – und therefore, effectively, the worst best samsung TV released belastung year.

The taste draw here ist the price, with the Q60T beginning at just $529 / £599 for the smallest43-inchsize (or AU$1,495 for a55-inchmodel – you’ll uncover a full breakdown von the display size/price alternatives below). That’s a fraction des the cost ofSamsung’s Q95T 4K QLEDor flagshipQ950TS 8K, and will no doubt ensure that die Q60T finds its way into an ext homes 보다 its premium siblings.

You’re acquiring a drop in processing energie compared to the Q60R, v a Quantum Processor Lite chip instead von the Quantum Processor 4K used an most QLED models. Leaf lighting, auch – a lighting system that illuminates the gemälde from the sides rather than behind ns panel – is a cheap way kommen sie light hoch a set’s images, but way there are concerns with consistency of brightness, off-axis viewing, und the strength ofHDRobjects.

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This isn’t a true HDR set, then, und you’re also going to have to swallow part mild movement blur in exchange zum the Q60T’s short price. Upscaling HD images to4Kis a strength von Samsung’s, though, and for the preis you"re blieb getting a qualified mid-spec set.