The ideal 55-inch 4K TVs have to be the first screens freundin consider an your quest to buy the perfect television for your home. As the closest thing we schutz to a standard-size television, ns 55-inch TVs room largely ns most representative models zum top-notch TV top quality today.

Du schaust: 55 zoll oder 65 zoll

It"s possible to go zum larger 65-inch TVs or 75-inch TVs zum more screen echt estate, or you tun können always consider ns best klein TV guide weil das something more compact. Zum most human being though, the best 55-inch 4K TVs wollen do die job, combining great prices und great screen room too.

Speaking von good prices, it"s worth watching this space closely as we approach schwarz Friday 2021 - we"re expecting to see a number des amazing transaction on 55-inch TVs over the coming days and weeks leading trost to the big to buy day.

If you"re on die hunt zum a new 55-inch flatscreen, check out the models below and keep bei eye on ours round-up von the best schwarze farbe Friday TV deals to seen what pops up.

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The samsung QN95A ist the company’s neu flagship Neo QLED4K TVfor 2021, und the zuerst to adopt aMini LEDbacklight, resulting in a far-reaching increase bei dimmable zones and thinner panels.

The results speak zum themselves, with superb SDR andHDRimages that advantage from deep blacks und brighter highlights, all of which are ceded without blooming or loss von shadow detail. The inclusion von quantum dot technology delivers saturated und nuanced colours, und thanks to ns Filmmaker mode these images are deshalb extremely accurate.

Unlike last year, Samsung is not short-changing its4Kline-up in in effort to push sales von the8Kranges. Deshalb the QN95A boasts in impressive set of features, which is headlined by a well-designed and comprehensive smart platform that contains every major streaming app.

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There’s so a host von cutting-edge gaming attributes that’ll please next-gen console owners, and a powerful 4.2.2-channel sound system packed into the TV’s ultra-slim chassis. Nur keep bei mind the you"ll be making carry out with HDR10+ support rather than the more widespread Dolby Vision HDR standard.