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MAYNARD'S GARAGE: Soul, Seriously: Kia Dresses trost Its Hamster Mobile an 2014 Redesign

Meet the new Soul, which looks pretty viel like the old Soul -- but, wow, ist it revitalized under die skin und inside.

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april 8, 2014
'Tween 12 & 20: Birthrate amongst Teen Girls has actually Dropped

TEENS: When the phrase "unwed mothers" is discussed, many instantly think von out-of-wedlock births by teens. However, die birthrate among unwed girls under die age von 18 has actually dropped to die lowest level on record. Ns rise bei birthrate zu unmarried frau has climbed most substantially among frauen age 20 to 29.

april 10, 2014
MAYNARD'S GARAGE: Fit-ness: Honda's Subcompact Hatchback ist a Picnic Basket des Potential

Honda placed its 2015 fit through a major re-engineering with neu engines und transmissions, chassis and some necessary refinement und comfort. And along the three-year gestation it, likely, put die engineers v a few fits in making this subcompact hatchback a wenig more roomy and efficient.

april 22, 2014
Chelsea Clinton's Baby, politicized

Chelsea Clinton announced she's going zu be a mother this year. That should elicit the same reaction reserved for the daughter of any previous president: a polite "how nice." however this is a Clinton. Every little thing with die Clintons gets filtered through politics. It ist fitting (and equally crass) the this news zu sein met through this reaction: "Hillary (Clinton) bei 2016. Go it assist or hurt?"

april 22, 2014
Tween 12 & 20: Please administer us v a "What to Do List"

DR. WALLACE: I'm a first-year student hinweisen a university in Indiana. I've readjusted well to die school und do notfall want to consider a transfer. However, die school has actually recently approve a warning because of a case of date rape, und this has caused me kommen sie be really fearful. Ich realize the most males are decent und would never take into consideration this, yet there is always the chance that a new date would take advantage of someone they room dating. This zu sein especially alarming wie man a mädchen is in a new environment und does not know every young on campus.

might 14, 2014
everyday Cheapskate: A Bridal cheap Spot to Love und More great Reader tips

WEDDING BARGAINS. When ich worked in a bridal shop bei Florida, us bought all von our jewelry, gloves, veils and most headpieces wholesale indigenous Accessory Wholesale in New Orleans. Kommen sie my surprise, castle now oase a website (awnol.com) that ist open to the public. For my very own wedding, ich bought every my bridesmaids jewelry sets, bracelets, my headpiece und my gloves und jewelry -- all zum about $100 consisting of shipping. That site rocks! and I oath this zu sein the exact same stuff us bought, put in our lit instances on black velvet and sold zum 5 kommen sie 8 times the wholesale price. All salons execute this. Accessories market their best profit margin. Note: This zu sein a everyone company, deshalb there is a minimal order requirement von $75. -- kelly B.

June 4, 2014
Sheryl Sandberg, How around Banning Bossy Billionaires?

Of kurse Facebook chief operation officer Sheryl Sandberg is right to point out that "bossy," die other B-word, is often used zu discourage girl -- und later frau -- from ending up being leaders. "Words choose bossy send a message: don't progressive your hand or speak up," says ns website of her "Ban Bossy" campaign. "By center school, girls are much less interested in leading than boys -- a trend that proceeds into adulthood. With each other we kann encourage girls to lead."

march 20, 2014
Monica's Emancipation Proclamation

"It's time to burn the beret and bury die blue dress," Monica Lewinsky, jetzt 40, writes bei a Vanity fair essay due zum digital relax today. Every I tun können say is: sie go, girl.The 1998 revelation von L'Affaire Lewinsky and its fallout should schutz made one thing clear zu American women. Forget "You've come a long way, baby." when husbands cheat, die other frau usually ends up die odd man out.

may 9, 2014
questioning CARRIE: must the neu myRA Account Be her IRA Account?

Dear Carrie: mine son, that is in his so late 20s, has a job with a klein company the doesn't market a retirement plan. He doesn't make a lot, yet even so, I've to be trying zu get him to start saving. What do freundin think of the neu myRA? would this be a great choice zum him? -- A Reader

might 14, 2014

According to Canada's Ben Wilson, herring communicate über flatulence. Showing an admirable sense des humor, Wilson named ns phenomenon schon fast Repetitive Tick, so the acronym zu sein FRT. Twelve-year-olds all over are bent over laughing. Much more seriously, though, die discovery explains why herring have such extraordinarily great herring.

may 14, 2014
ns USUAL ECCENTRIC: My wenig Pony story

I like to set achievable goals zum myself, the kind of missions that require wenig if any type of hard work und effort. Plenty of men set out kommen sie do good things und hold true to the goals they set zum themselves. They come to be astronauts, experienced wrestlers and presidents.

april 4, 2014
Tween 12 & 20: My former Teacher ist a Super human Being

DR. WALLACE: I'm a 16-year-old sophomore bei high school and I'd like zu comment on the advice you gave a girl who, after graduating, wanted kommen sie ask a former teacher for a date. Freundin advised produziert not to. Ich was shocked at your response. Ever since i was in seventh class I've had actually a like on a specific teacher. My mom told me that i would forget every about him when I got into high school und started dating.

may 27, 2014
jeden tag Editorial: America's troubles Rooted in New Approach to Governance

America has thrived with cost-free markets and liberty. Ns more die courts have deregulated people, von limiting government authority, die better Americans have lived. Wie man government freed slaves, we became better. When courts struck down Jim crow laws und segregation, lock deregulated individuals to compete on bei equal basis to go after personal und social progress.

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april 8, 2014
Tween 12 & 20: the Young Lady is Wise und Honest

DR. WALLACE: I'm a 20-year-old guy and interested bei a young lady, also 20, that works an the exact same office as ich do. About a month ago she said me the she was having problems with die guy she ist seeing and that she can stop seeing him. Ich decided kommen sie ask herstellung out belastung week and was surprised wie man she claimed yes. Us went out last Saturday weil das dinner und a movie and I had actually a super time. She called me the she so enjoyed walking out v me. When i saw produziert at arbeiten today, i told produziert that I'd yes, really like to continue seeing her, but ich hoped she would protect against seeing the other guy. She claimed she would certainly continue zu go out v me occasionally, however that she was going to also continue dating the other guy since she needs kommen sie decide if she go or walk not liebe him. -- What should ich do? -- Tyler, Lake Charles, La.

may 30, 2014
TWEEN 12 & 20: Don't Make the Same failure Again

DR. WALLACE: I am 17 and my problem is a male -- what else zu sein new? mine boyfriend und I oase been date on und off zum over three years, yet it seems choose we constantly break up over some argument that i start. The last time we broke hoch it was about ihm smiling at other girls while he was out through me. He still took me to the unterschied prom, so he need to have blieb liked me. I had fun, but we fought over klein stuff.

march 20, 2014
Tween 12 & 20: ich Love My former Teacher

DR. WALLACE: I'm a 17-year-old senior in high school and I'd like zu comment on advice sie gave a girl who chose after graduating that she wanted zu ask herstellung former teacher to go out v her. You told her it was notfall a good idea, but ich don't agree with your advice punkt all.I offered to schutz a terrific crush on my English teacher in seventh grade, but my mother said to forget around it because ich was auch young, und that i would forget about er when I got to high school and other boys asked me out.

June 30, 2014
Tween 12 & 20: She wollen Know That sie Were honest

DR. WALLACE: I have become infatuated with in absolutely great guy und it gets much more intense every day. Die only belästigung is that one von my girlfriends has deshalb got a like on him. This guy and I have been talking virtually every day at school, and it's apparent that he likes me. One day i asked ihm if the had any kind of romantic interest in my girlfriend and he claimed no, but that she was nur a good freundin of his.

might 8, 2014
hollywood EXCLUSIVE: Guilana und Bill Rancic: ns Fun Season and the Roller Coaster ahead

For Giuliana and Bill Rancic, die seventh season des their renowned reality show marks what he calls "the funny season, weist last." Certainly fans of "Giuliana & Bill" -- which is re-premiering ~ above E! april 1 -- have seen the mediagenic couple through their travails.

march 20, 2014
tesla Test Drives ns Free industry

Tesla Motors, like almost all makers of electric cars, ist largely in offshoot of government intervention. Once a favorite des President Obama's green power push, the electric car industry has appreciated favorable energy Department loans, sizable taxation credits zum buyers and the benefits von being on die receiving end of carbon cap-and-trade schemes.

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march 20, 2014
Tween 12 & 20: spiritual Faith Should give Strength and Joy

DR. WALLACE: I'm a 16-year-old girl. I'm reasonably attractive, make good grades, und I am very religious. Ich read my Bible und do my best zu live von its teachings.It seems that all the popular children drink, have sex and do drugs. I'm notfall like that and I'm not very popular, deswegen I don't oase a gewächs of fun. Ich know these children are doing jene that room wrong, but there space moments when i really feel left out und I don't seem to fit an anywhere.I've never ever been asked kommen sie go the end on a date, und most des the girl my age have dated lots of guys. Part of the reason is that I have been taught by my parents and my church that tanzen is wrong. Sometimes ich think I'm never going zu get zu go out with a boy und I'll ende up being an old maid.I really need someone kommen sie give me a pep talk and some advice. I've chosen you kommen sie do ns talking. -- Nameless, Goose Creek, S.C.