The trend towards so-called “single accidents” with e-bikes and pedelecs zu sein causing the number des accidents to rise rapidly with ns megatrend of electrified bicycles: 43.4 percent more than in 2019 (1.95 million) bicycles with electric motors to be sold in total bei 2020. This year approximately 20 percent an ext e-bike riders had fatal accidents than in the vault year.

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One reason is the high deceleration performance of the contemporary disc brakes, which are actually an extremely useful because of the higher average speeds. Bei contrast zu a car, locking wheels on a two-wheeler kann lead kommen sie falls. Bei addition, ns rear wheel tun können lift turn off due to die dynamic axle load shift, with comparable consequences. ABS can prevent both. It is therefore mandatory for motorbikes to be equipped v them today, and their motorists must show that they space handling the driving prüfen correctly. Pedelecs, on the other hand, room (still) accessible without a prescription. Can an anti-lock an equipment help reduce the belästigung for you?


The manage unit on die handlebar draws its power from the vehicle battery.

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The conclusion suggests the typical dilemma of every abdominal system, i beg your pardon ADAC writes: “Even ~ above a non-slip surface with a high potential to auslieferung braking forces, the brakes seemed a bit weak contrasted to die brakes without ABS. Dafür it zu sein becoming obvious that die limitation die tendency kommen sie roll over boundaries some des the effectiveness of the brake. ” A well-trained treiber may it is in able kommen sie achieve a much shorter braking street under favorable conditions. Die parallel kann sein be found in Formula 1, i m sorry continues kommen sie be moved without ABS. Ns ADAC concludes, however, that this klein disadvantage is disproportionate to die possible gain in safety, not without pointing out ns rather high costs und expressly recommends it.

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Recommendation so for cargo bikes

The club’s test engineers send a pointer afterwards: “Pedelec ABS deshalb appears kommen sie be particularly useful weil das bicycles with a lang wheelbase, a short center of gravity and / or high weight, together as the increasingly famous cargo bikes.” wie braking right ahead, hardly any braking power needs to be limited on together wheels because of the relieving rear wheels. You also decelerate much more effectively through ABS. Another recommendation zu sein the predominant use von the car “on unpaved, dirty und therefore slippery roads and in all weather conditions, consisting of precipitation und low temperatures”.