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Is over there any chance Addison Montgomery’s arrival at Grey Sloan Memorial will be as intensive as her erste appearance?

We understand this: kate Walsh, who sizzled as ns seemingly cold-blooded yet often warmhearted neonatal surgeon zum Seasons 2 und 3 on Grey’s Anatomy (and parts des several more), makes her much-anticipated hospital homecoming on the October 14 episode.

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But fans won’t ever before forget herstellung 2005 introduction, in the juggernaut clinical drama’s first-season finale. Ns mysterious, impeccably pull redhead strode over to herstellung estranged partner, derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), und his neu paramour, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Extending her hand, she crisply presented herself to Meredith as Addison Shepherd prior to adding, ~ a pregnant pause, “and freundin must be ns woman who’s been screwing my husband.”

Walsh laughs jetzt at this first of herstellung character’s plenty of signature moments. “For the 30-second scene, I got more attention 보다 anything i’ve done prior to or since,” she recalls.

The spotlight is back on Addison, whose entrance zu sein orchestrated von Richard (James Pickens Jr.) asking her to aid whip the current crop des residents right into shape. But die operative inquiry is: What neu chapters kann fans expect to see in the prolonged saga of her and Mer? “People will be surprised,” Walsh teases. “There’ll be twists und turns” between the two.

Addison’s background has plenty des those. She and Derek do the efforts reconciling throughout Season 2 but letztere divorced, with Meredith ultimately marrying herstellung McDream Man in Season 7. Meanwhile, Addison famously hooked up zum a time with mark “McSteamy” Sloan (Eric Dane), through whom she had actually dallied during herstellung marriage. Bei 2007, she relocated zu Los angeles to work hinweisen a medical kopieren, gruppe on what came to be Grey’s spinoff private Practice. She flourished professionally und went through several partners und failed fertility treatments prior to ending trost content in the 2013 fade-out with an adopted baby named Henry und new husband Dr. Jake Reilly (Benjamin Bratt).

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Scheduling problems had lang scotched any possible Grey’s encore zum the actress, most recently watched on 13 factors Why, ns Umbrella Academy and Emily an Paris. But, says series showrunner Krista Vernoff, “We had in idea this year, und I got to out und she was game.” die Season 17 covid storyline the brought rückseitig a beach-walking Derek an Meredith’s mind during herstellung coma—along v Dane’s Mark, T.R. Knight’s George und Chyler Leigh’s Lexie, other personalities who had passed on—may have so been a factor. Adds Vernoff: “I think saw the joy those returns brought fans, and she was excited to come back.”

Walsh fit right in, confirms Vernoff. Her zuerst day on the set, “a gewächs of human being were tearing up. It was like her favorite sister coming house after a te overseas.”

Addison has a good deal of bewegt catching up kommen sie do throughout this several-episode arc. “The reality is, she hasn’t been back for pretty emotional events in Grey’s history, favor Derek’s funeral, Meredith’s children and Amelia child,” Walsh states. “You can’t assist but feel like ns prodigal daughter zu sein returning.” some harsh words may fliegen with long-ago romantic competitor Meredith, jetzt chief von general surgery. “There is deshalb much water under ns bridge between them,” states Vernoff, including “a history that’s to be reframed von Derek’s death” after a web traffic accident an Season 11. “Though there’s ja wirklich respect betwee them, there’s so new dynamics you’ve never seen prior to on ns show.”


Some des that requires a startling experienced development weil das the surgeon once called the “Meryl Streep von Maternal-Fetal Medicine”: Addison’s top reason weil das being weist Grey Sloan ist to command a clinical psychological en course “to get the erste uterine transplant approved,” claims Vernoff.

Meanwhile, Meredith has her own sunnier expert horizons. Having actually barely endured COVID, she’s been readily available a post running a big-budget stem cell study zu find a cure zum Parkinson’s, courtesy des Dr. David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher), a friend of herstellung late mother, Ellis (Kate Burton, that appears an Mer’s recent visions).

Addison deshalb gets quality time an “beautiful, intimate scenes” with former Practice colleague Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), Derek’s neurosurgeon sister, claims Walsh. The friends “open up to each other in ways they don’t v anyone else,” Vernoff says, through Amelia revealing why she garbage Link’s (Chris Carmack) marital relationship proposal hinweisen the ende of Season 17.

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Sparks fly bolzen his personality Dr. Nick Marsh und Meredith Grey.

It is the show’s intimacy—“that heightened aspect des Grey’s acquisition place in the hospital”—that drew Walsh zurück to a personality she’s jetzt played in 169 illustration over two series. “I loved privatgelände Practice, but Grey’s is like a pressure cooker,” she says. “Personal moments sometimes come out of nowhere und it’s surprising and moving and hopefully compelling.” die star’s last prognosis for her storyline? “Like vintage Grey’s, you wollen laugh and then you’ll cry.”

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