Age des Empires ist a critically acclaimed, award winning real-time strategie game with a heritage spanning end 20 years und nearly a dozen titles an the franchise. Known zum its strategy gameplay started on historic civilizations, die series spans a period of time indigenous the stone Age kommen sie early modern-day time, and even includes an episode exploring the legendary creatures and the lore indigenous mythology.

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Age des Empires IV

One of the many beloved real-time strategie games returns zu glory through Age des Empires IV, putting you at die center des epic historical battles that shaped the world. Coming day one kommen sie video game Pass weil das PC.



Age des Empires III: critical Edition

memory one of the most beloved real-time strategy franchises bei definitive form with remastered graphics and fully magnified audio, all previously released expansions und new game modes.

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Age von Empires II: critical Edition

Age des Empires II: Definitive edition celebrates ns 20th anniversary des one von the many popular strategy games ever before with stunning 4K extremist HD graphics, a new und fully remastered soundtrack, and a brand-new collection, “The last Khans” v 3 new campaigns und 4 new civilizations. Had with game Pass zum PC.

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Age des Empires: definitive Edition

Age des Empires, ns pivotal real-time strategy game that released a 20-year tradition returns an definitive form for fenstern 10 PCs. Through over 40 hours von modernized gameplay, all-new 4K visuals, 8-person multiplayer battles and a host of other new features, there’s never been a far better time to jump right into Age des Empires. Welcome zurück to history. Included with video game Pass zum PC.

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