Airplay samsung tv funktioniert nicht

Airplay might notfall work on your samsung TV if ns firmware von the TV or the OS des the host maker (like a Mac) zu sein outdated. Moreover, ns wrong configuration von the samsung TV’s setups (like wagen Protection Time, IP Remote, IPv6, etc.) may also cause the issue at hand.

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The issue arises when ns user tries to Airplay inhalt from in Apple product to a samsung TV but fails zu do so. In some cases, the samsung TV zu sein even notfall shown together a device bei Airplay.

Airplay notfall Working on samsung TV

You kann sein fix Airplay über trying ns solutions listed below but prior to that, make sure you fulfill the fundamental troubleshooting steps:

Your Samsung TV supports the sich entschuldigen Airplay feature.Check if restarting all die devices (the TV, apple products favor Mac, und networking equipment), unplugging their energie cables for 5 minutes, plugging back the stärke cables, und powering on ns devices species out die Airplay issue.Check if using Airplay ~ disabling Bluetooth solves ns problem. If the did not do ns trick, then check if enabling Bluetooth und selecting TV species out ns Airplay issue. If the issue persists, then check if re-pairing die TV und the apple device (like iPhone) v Bluetooth solves the Airplay issue. Freundin can also make sure no VPN on die devices like the TV, apfel device, or router ist causing the issue. See if connecting ns devices without a Wi-Fi extender (if used) solves the Airplay issue. Make certain no network defense application (like Pi-hole or pfBlockerNG) ist causing the issue.

Retry die Network link on the samsung TV

A momentary malfunction des the network modules von the samsung TV may oase stopped die Airplay native working and retrying die network bei the samsung TV’s Settings may solve die problem.

Select General bei the samsung TV’s Settings and open Network.
Open General an the samsung TV SettingsThen select Network Status und click on the Retry button.
Open Network in General bei the samsung TV SettingsNow reconnect ns Wi-Fi on her host an equipment (e.g., iPhone) and check if ns Airplay zu sein working fine on the samsung TV.

Re-Enable Airplay in the samsung TV’s Settings

A momentary malfunction des the samsung TV might have caused the Airplay issue at hand und disabling/enabling the Airplay in the samsung TV’s Settings may solve die issue.

Navigate zu General in the Settings des your TV and open Apple Airplay Settings.
Open Airplay Settings des Samsung TVNow pick Airplay und disable it.
Disable Airplay in the Airplay Settings of Samsung TVThen enable back the Airplay and check if it ist working well on the samsung TV.

Edit ns Code Requirement of the Airplay and Reset the Paired Devices

You may encounter the Airplay concern at hand if ns code requirement des the Airplay is not appropriately configured and configuring ns code to be required every time (or evil versa) may solve ns problem.

Launch ns Settings von your TV and select General.Now offen Apple Airplay Settings und set Require Code kommen sie Every Time.

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Set call for Code zu Every Time bei the Airplay SettingsThen check if ns Airplay is working fine on the samsung TV.If not, then inspect if setting ns Require Code kommen sie Use Password Instead kinds out ns Airplay issue.If the issue persists, check if resetting ns paired devices bei the call for Code möglichkeit solves die issue weist hand.

If that did not work, repeat steps 1 to 2 to open sich entschuldigen Airplay setups on the samsung TV und open About Airplay. Now, if applicable, switch the version to die original one and check if that has resolved die issue at hand.

Update ns Firmware des the samsung TV to ns Latest Release

The outdated firmware des the samsung TV might cause ns Airplay issue punkt hand und updating die firmware des the Samsung’s TV may solve die problem.

Launch the samsung TV’s Settings and select Support.Now open Software Update und select Update Now.
Open software application Update of Samsung TVIf in update des the firmware des the TV ist available, let it download and install.
Select upgrade Now weil das Samsung TVOnce die TV’s firmware is updated, check if die Airplay is working fine through the samsung TV.

Update die OS of the Host maker to ns Latest Build

An outdated OS/firmware on ns host machine (like a Mac) may result in the Airplay problem with the samsung TV und updating ns OS/firmware von the host an equipment to die latest develop may solve ns problem.

Launch ns System Preferences of the Mac and open Software Update.
Open software program Update an the Mac’s PreferencesIf an update ist available, click on Update Now (or upgrade Now).Once the macOS update zu sein applied, inspect if die Airplay is working fine.

Disable die 5GHz Band and Enable 2.4 GHz eis of your Router

The Airplay might notfall work top top a samsung TV if ns TV and the host device are linked through a 5GHz network as samsung TVs have a lang history of having network problems on die 5GHz network band. In this context, disabling die 5GHz network und using die 2.4GHz band may solve die problem.

Navigate zu your router’s internet portal über using a net browser and log in using die credentials.Now open Settings und select Wireless.Then uncheck the option of 5GHz und if required, make sure kommen sie checkmark the option of 2.4GHz.Disable 5GHz Band an the Router’s SettingsNow apply her changes and connect her devices (i.e., the samsung TV and the host device) to ns 2.4GHz band. If the TV or die host an equipment asks zu connect to ns 5GHz band, click Cancel.Then examine if the samsung TV is working fine v Airplay.If not, check if reverting die Wi-Fi password to die default kinds out die Airplay issue.

If the issue persists, check if switching between the wired und wireless network solves the Airplay issue.

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Disable auto Protection Time des the samsung TV

If you oase set the automobil Protection Time des the samsung TV to save the screen burn (if the auto-detects die same image on the screen weil das a particular time), it might stop Airplay indigenous working and disabling the wagen Protection Time des the samsung TV might solve the problem.