Albert einstein e=mc2

Only two comparable examples des world-changing equation known1946 letter to physicist Ludwik Silberstein auctioned


In this undated photograph, provided von RR Auction, mirrors a letter written über Albert Einstein, in which he wrote out his famous ‘E = mc2’ equation, the sold punkt auction zum more than $1.2m. Photograph: Nikki Brickett/AP
In this undated photograph, provided von RR Auction, mirrors a letter written von Albert Einstein, in which he composed out his renowned ‘E = mc2’ equation, that sold at auction for more than $1.2m. Photograph: Nikki Brickett/AP

A handwritten letter by Albert Einstein that has his famed E=mc2 equation has actually sold weist auction weil das more 보다 $1.2m, around three mal more 보다 it was expected zu get, a Boston-based auction residence said top top Friday.

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Archivists at ns Einstein papers Project at ns California Institute des Technology und the Hebrew University von Jerusalem say there are just three other known examples von Einstein writing die world-changing equation in his very own hand.

RR Auction, which sold the most current letter, claims this 4th example ist the only one bei a privatgelände collection and only ended up being public recently. The auction house had expected it kommen sie sell zum about $400,000.

“It’s bei important letter from both a holographic und a physics point von view,” Bobby Livingston, ns executive vice-president punkt RR Auction said, calling die equation the most famous in the world.


Albert Einstein. Photograph: Granger Historical gemälde Archive/AlamyThe equation – power equals massive times die speed des light squared – adjusted physics über demonstrating that time was notfall absolute und that mass and energy were equivalent.

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The one-page handwritten letter in German to the Polish American physicist Ludwik Silberstein zu sein dated 26 October 1946.

Silberstein was a famous critic and challenger kommen sie some des Einstein’s theories. “Your question kann be answered from the E=mc2 formula, without any kind of erudition,” Einstein wrote in the letter created on Princeton university letterhead, according zu a translate into provided über RR Auction.

The letter was part of Silberstein’s angestellter archives, which were sold von his descendants.

The buyer was identified über RR just as in anonymous paper collector.

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The rarity of the letter collection off a bidding war, Livingston said. Five parties were bidding aggressively punkt first, yet once the preis reached around $700,000, it came to be a two-party contest, the said.