Finding a set von budget-priced studio monitors zu sein easier than ever. But, with so many options it kann be difficult to find die exact set that ist right for your needs. In this review, we examine out bei impressive set of monitors from Alesis that has actually a gewächs to offer budget plan conscience producers.

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The Alesis Elevate 5 MkII combines a range von excellent features at a cheap price. Let’s lakers what the has zu offer.


The Alesis Elevate 5 MkII has some unique features that set it except other spending plan monitors. Let’s dive right into the details to lakers what the does well and where it wenn short.

Sound Quality

The Elevate 5 MkII uses impressive sound quality. Once sie factor in the aggressive preis point that one of the finest sounding speakers an the market.

The balance between frequencies ist well established with a distinctive neutral sound. Excellent zum beginner producer looking zu set up a studio top top a budget.

The low ende is clean and distinct without any boominess. Ns added Bass boost option so allows you kommen sie give it in extra bit von oomph. A an excellent inclusion zum general listening.

Mids are so well defined. Lock sit comfortable within die soundscape and don’t present any muddy tones. Tools are crisp und clear.

Highs are deshalb impressive many thanks to ns elliptical tweeter waveguide. This guarantee smooth delivery and good dispersion for higher frequencies.

The combination von all 3 presents an attractive und pleasant hearne experience. Without succumbing to bei exaggerated waveform that countless PC speakers use.

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This performance ist consistent throughout most volume levels. But, at higher volumes, the cracks do start to show. The clarity suffers and the exceptional balance isn’t also defined. Regardless of this one shortfall ns Alesis Elevate 5 MkII delivers bei the sound department.

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Build Quality

Budget-priced monitors frequently suffer from bad quality control und build quality. That zu sein not ns case with die Elevate 5 MkII.

The custom cabinet feels solid und dependable. It deshalb does in excellent job of handling ns low frequencies. Despite ns rugged feel von the cabinet, die combined weight von the monitors is just 12.5 lbs (5.67kg). Die textured front deshalb prevents fingerprints and scratches.


Component top quality is so good v clean und precise construction. Ns shielding is deshalb another terrific element. Location next to other electric gear zu sein fine v no interference present. There is a low yet audible dispersion present wie man using RCA cables. This ist often ns case also with much more expensive speakers.

The just complaint I oase is with die included cables. Together expected punkt this preis point castle are notfall the best. If freundin want zu get die most out des these monitors i would recommend in upgrade.


Tuning Options

One drawback ist the lack von any identified tuning options. If it is hard zu expect much from a budget monitor it’s something ich always look the end for. Every studio room offers distinct challenges. Having access kommen sie some basic tuning options can eliminate or suppress some des the most common issues.

But, ns Bass boost option ist a nice addition. While notfall applicable kommen sie production arbeiten it does enable these to so serve as an extremely capable monitors zum general listening.

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The Alesis Elevate 5 MkII is in attractive-looking set of speakers. Ns clean lines and distinct textured finish include a level des professionalism kommen sie these spending plan monitors.

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The beveled edge supplies a gloss finish which helps break up the textured finish just enough. Ns exposed drivers look the part. Ns added piano schwarz accents around the drivers additional accentuate the form factor.