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AJ McLean und his wife, Rochelle, nur welcomed their 2nd baby girl und the boy bander is telling et all about produziert very Backstreet Boys-inspired name!

Lyric Dean McLean was born on Sunday an Los Angeles, und joins her big sister, 4-year-old Ava Jaymes.

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"Rochelle gott to name Ava after Ava Gardner because she loves old Hollywood, then she took my center name, James, but spelled the differently," explains ns 39-year-old boy bander. "So, I gott to pick this time. I mean, lyrics… Backstreet Boys… it’s nice cool, right?"

NEWS: Backstreet Boys" AJ McLean Welcomes infant No. 2 with Wife Rochelle

Weighing 8 lbs., 3 oz, Lyric"s middle name, Dean, stemmed indigenous Rochelle"s middle name, DeAnna.

The singer had actually not-so-secretly to be wishing weil das another daughter before ns couple uncovered out the happy news last year.

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"I gott my wish!" the admits. "All my friends to be like, "It"s a boy," und I was like, "I don"t desire a boy!" Obviously, I"d be fine if it was a young as lang as he was healthy, but ich wanted one more girl. I just liebe having a girl and now I have two."

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While his wife des five year initially had a rough time through morning sickness, getting "violently ill" several zeit daily, wenig Ava has actually meanwhile to be ecstatically preparing weil das big sister duties.

However, McLean joke she needs kommen sie work a little on being a far better role model!

"Rochelle newly took produziert to her best friend, who just had her first baby and Ava was holding her und being so big sisterly and motherly. She"s deshalb gentle, loves kids und is going kommen sie be ns best big sister ever. But hopefully she"ll deshalb be a wenig bit much more responsible and less sassy und start setup a much better example for her infant sister. Weil das months, she hasn’t slept consecutively in her own bed weil das more than two days!"

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Lyric’s arrival came less than 24 hours after McLean sheathe the zuerst leg von the Backstreet Boys" "Larger 보다 Life" residency weist Planet Hollywood"s AXIS Theater in Las Vegas.

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McLean had been anxious about missing the wenig one"s birth during the GRAMMY-nominated group"s nine-date start run und when et caught hoch with er before Friday"s show, the admitted Lyric"s arrival was getting "a wenig too close weil das comfort."

Announcing to die crowd that night the his daughter would be entering the world within 48 hours, McLean headed straight zurück to Los angeles following Saturday"s show, the last before ns boy band"s following run kicks off on april 12.