So you're interested an a new Pokémon game. Except there are technically two neu Pokémon games. I beg your pardon do freundin get?

This is something I've to be asked lots lately, with the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Du schaust: Alpha saphir oder omega rubin

the question makes sense: at zuerst glance, both ORAS and x & warum seem to schutz the very same features, which provides choosing bolzen them watch difficult. But, there are differences, too! und depending top top what you're feather for, sie might like one game far better than ns other.

If you're a new player...I'd introduce Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. You get all the cool features des modern Pokémon games—like ns ability to pet your Pokémon, and robust multiplayer options, i beg your pardon let you battle, trade and connect with other players v ease. You deshalb get some unique features from die older gamings (like having die ability to create a mystery base, or enduring version-specific villains). Omega Ruby und Alpha Sapphire have stuff that's totally new, too—like cosplay Pikachu ns DexNav, which enables you to capture distinct Pokemon bei a cool way. Sie don't just go right into random fight with them. Freundin track them down, and creep up zu them!

And of course, sie get ns full Pokémon experience—finding kühl monsters, training them, and trying zu become the best there ever was.

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If you're a returning depends. Perform you schutz lots of nostalgia zum Red and Blue? X & Y is the way kommen sie go. While die game bring away place in Pokémon's version von Paris, and while it can feature tons of new Pokémon, many von the beats und throwbacks in the video game are weil das people that hold the original 151 near and dear.

If you have no nostalgia, or if you hate die original Pokémon games, I'd go through Omega Ruby und Alpha Sapphire instead. Freundin get all des the renovations to die franchise, und all the kühl new features, without any Red and Blue pandering.

If you're a collector, I'd go through Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, because they feature an absurd number von legendary Pokémon. If freundin want to capture all legendaries, however, you're going to oase to gain both ORAS and X & Y.

If you're curious around what made ns original Red and Blue deshalb great, but sie don't in reality want zu bust out a game Boy to find out, I'd go with X & Y. They're notfall remakes, yet they carry out take a gewächs of catalyst from those games. You get a sense of what make Pokémon what it zu sein today, v few of the limit that the original gamings had.

If you like the idea des adventuring roughly a big city like Paris, France, I'd go v X & Y. Die Kalos bereich will it is in more zu your liking, even if that depiction of France kann be a little bit cartoonish. If nothing else, X & y feels prefer a much more cohesive game, weist least in terms des theme.

If freundin like the idea von soaring an the sky while riding a Pokémon, I'd go with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Ns Eon Flute lets you drive Latias und Latios! If you're a much more grounded type of person, X & Y might be your finest bet—you kann ride Pokémon on land instead.

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If you like the idea des becoming your own gym leader, I'd go through Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They provide you the opportunity zu make something dubbed 'secret bases,' wherein you can build something choose a treehouse—and climate you tun können invite civilization over zum battles.

If sie like the when dinge go off the rails, or if you're interested an a slightly much more mature game, I'd go v ORAS. The sachen you kann sein do after you beat ns game möchte totally be nach oben your alley.

If you want to get a ton of mega evolutions—those cool transformations which do Pokémon much more badass—I'd go with Omega Ruby und Alpha Sapphire, which features a chuck 48 von them. Much better yet, they feature a unique type of entwickeln called primal reversion, which kann sein transform Pokemon rückseitig to their ancient state.

If sie already played x & Y and aren't fatigued über the idea of more Pokémon, I'd get Omega Ruby und Alpha Sapphire. Castle don't break new ground, yet they carry out offer a few new things, and if you're hungry zum more Pokémon, you'll reap them. But if you're emotion a little burned out on Pokémon after x & Y, I'd sit this one out.

If you're die type von gamer that mögen brisk, punchy experiences, I'd go with x & Y. Die pace of these gamings are an extremely tight, and you'll never ever feel choose you're slogging with them. As an excellent as ORAS are, the same cannot constantly be said for them.

If you schutz a sense von style, and love customization options, I'd go with X & Y. There are deswegen many outfits kommen sie choose native in x & Y, and dressing up your trainer zu sein a joy. Ns villains in the game, team Flare, sure understand how kommen sie dress, too.

If you've played the original Ruby and Sapphire, und felt castle were offered a badewanne rap, shot Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. You'll discover a gewächs of acquainted things in ORAS, but die entire experience has actually been improved—and freundin get zu share your love zum the gamings with a ton of neu players that won't say sachen like "this video game has too much water" kommen sie you.

If freundin played ns original Ruby und Sapphire, assumed they were nur OK, and you room ready kommen sie experience something completely new, I'd walk with x & Y. While both ORAS and X & Y oase newer Pokémon, X & y features method more von them. ORAS mostly sticks kommen sie Pokémon of the Hoenn generation, though that alters once you beat that (you can always trade newer Pokémon into your copy des the game, too).

Hopefully, with all this die info on-hand, you'll be better able zu pick betwee the two neu Pokémon games. While i do recommend Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire an ext often than i do X & Y here, freundin really can't go wrong with either. Unless you hate Pokémon, that is. When both gamings are huge improvements on ns Pokémon formula, they're still Pokémon gamings through und through. If older gamings weren't able zu sell you on the experience, x & Y und ORAS wont either.

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That said, if you've made her choice, a different question arises: should you get X or Y? Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire? We've got you covered there, too.