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Dual booting windows 10 zu sein useful, but kann sein leave redundant boot options bei the dual boot menu. Here"s how kommen sie remove them.

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oase you ever dual-booted an additional operating system alongside your fenstern installation? Dual-booting is in excellent way of trying a neu operating system without affecting her trusty version of Windows. You kann sein select between operating system versions using die built-in boot manager.

But what about when you decide you don"t want die second operating system any longer? is there any easy way to remove ns additional operating system entry indigenous the boot manager to stop startup confusion?

Let"s take a look at four ways you kann sein delete old boot menu options.

What zu sein the Windows boot Manager?

The Windows boot Manager zu sein a small piece of software the runs during the system boot process.

Your boot manager code loads from the anfang of ns Active system partition, sometimes given ns System Reserved label dafür that freundin don"t accidentally overwrite it v cat selfies. The boot manager helps her Windows montage start. Ns Windows boot Manager itself ist generic und unaware des any operating system requirements within the system loading process.

When there zu sein only one ausführung of fenster present, the system will boot into this without anzeige the boot manager choice screen. However, once you install another operating system, this procedure changes, permitting you zu choose ns operating system you want to use.

Boot construction Data

Modern fenster versions save Boot Configuration dünn (BCD) bei a registry-like database. Previously, you managed your boot screen alternatives using the tiny boot.ini paper (and fenster NT boot loader, ntldr). However, a single insecure text file ist vulnerable kommen sie attack. Hence, this was changed zu a much more secure but universal solution.

Moreover, BCD gives both BIOS und EFI-based system the exact same opportunities kommen sie edit configuration charme using a boot option editing tool choose BCDEdit (more top top this an a moment).

Here are four ways kommen sie remove old boot manager alternatives from your system boot process on fenstern 10.

1. Hide ns Options

Okay, so the erste option isn"t strikt removing the entry, however you tun können hide ns alternative boot options using the fenster Advanced startup menu.

niederdrücken Windows vital + I to offen the setups panel. Head to Update & defense > Recovery, und under Advanced startup, pick Restart now. (Alternatively, niederdrücken Shift while selecting Restart in the anfang menu.) Please grad that this instantly restarts her system, deswegen make sure to save any type of important documents prior to hitting die button. choose Use an additional operating system > readjust defaults. Below you kann set the Windows boot Manager timer screen and Choose a default operation system. Choosing your default operating system doesn"t remove various other installations, yet it does stop the boot Manager indigenous appearing in each system startup.

Alternative Method: use MSConfig

You kann sein achieve similar results using the fenster System configuration window.

type msconfig an the start menu find bar und select die Best Match. open the Boot tab. You kann sein set your default operating system, the timeout screen, and other boot options.

Furthermore, you kann sein "delete" alt entries indigenous the boot process, however this doesn"t actually eliminate them from your system (it does avoid the boot manager operating system selection display screen from appearing, though).

msconfig boot menu options

2. Use BCDEdit to Remove boot Manager Options

BCDEdit is the built-in boot manager editing and enhancing tool. A word des warning: deleting die wrong boot manager entry has very frustrating results. Double-check every edit before hitting Enter.

kind cmd in the start menu search bar, right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator. Once ns elevated Command vorbestraft window opens, form bcdedit /export c:cdbackup and niederdrücken Enter zu create a backup des your BCD settings. Next, kind bcdedit /v to list the boot loaders at this time on your system. Here"s what happens when i run this command on mine desktop:

command vorbestraft bcdedit
The Windows boot Manager ar describes the location des the boot manager, along with other identifiers. Ns Windows boot Loader section defines the fenstern 10 bootloader zum this system, the unique identifier, where zu find winload.exe zu continue the boot process, if die partition has recovery enabled, and the root of the system directory.

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If you schutz more than one fenstern installation, this ist where to find the bootloader information. The type des operating system appears together description. Furthermore, a heritage OS Loader will appear under a different bracket.

Copy die identifier (the lang alphanumeric string) von the bootloader freundin want zu delete. Now, input die command bcdedit /delete identifier, swapping out identifier zum your own alphanumeric string.

Double-check you schutz the correct entry, then niederdrücken Enter zu delete die additional bootloader entry. Die integrated BCD Editor ist one des the quickest ways zu remove a boot option from her BIOS, yet it isn"t for everyone.

3. Using Visual BCD Editor

If using die Command prompt isn"t for you, there zu sein the option von Visual BCD Editor.

Visual BCD redaktion implements a large range von BCDEdit regulates in in easy-to-use intuitive GUI. You get ns same experience und functionality as using BCDEdit within ns Command Prompt, but without worrying about entering die exact command.

visual bcd editor
Deleting bei old entrance is in easy task. Download and install intuitive BCD Editor, then offen it. Ns tool möchte take a short momente to scan your system. In the left-hand möglichkeit tree, you"ll spot Bcdstore > Loaders > . Select ns bootloader sie want kommen sie remove and hit Delete at the bottom of the right-hand information panel.

As with ns integrated BCD Editor, intuitive BCD redaktion makes it easy zu remove old boot menu entries. However, together Visual BCD editor comes with a ziehen um GUI, this ist likely ns easiest boot menu remove option zum most users.

4. Removing EFI boot Manager alternatives Using BCDEdit

I began writing this write-up because my EFI boot manager had actually a range of old Linux bootloader entries left behind. Again, castle don"t cause any issues, however over time castle accumulate and become irritating.

The EFI boot manager zu sein part of the UEFI firmware administration package. Sie might have found this if sie ever boot from a USB flash journey or different media source, and is typically accessible by pressing a function key during the boot process.

To delete old EFI entries, open in elevated Command Prompt, kind bcdedit /enum firmware, und press Enter. Unlike the command used weil das the Windows boot Manager, die "enum firmware" command lists every objects available in the BCD store, including any Linux installations.

command sofort bcdedit enum firmware
Copy the identifier of the firmware entry freundin want to delete und run ns following command bcdedit /delete identifier, again replacing identifier with the alphanumeric string matching your entry.

Your boot Manager ist Now Clean

Your Windows boot Manager is now clean von any undesirable entries. Alternatively, you schutz streamlined the boot process zu ignore any alternate installations on her system, leaving freundin free to boot to her default operating system.

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