Alvaro Soler takes die red chair weist "The Voice Kids" zum the zuerst time.

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An the interview, the raves about die courage des the young candidates.

neu episodes, neu talents, neu coaches: "The Voice Kids" start its nine season this Saturday (February 27th) (at 8:15 pm on Sat.1). This year, bei addition to ns well-known jurors Michi Beck (53), Smudo (52) und Stefanie Kloß (36), two neu faces tun können take a seat on ns red chair: Wincent Weiss (28, "Who if notfall us") and Alvaro Soler (30 , "La Cintura"). The latter is confident of victory in an interview with the news agency spot on news. Bei addition, ns Spanish-German musician reveals i m sorry German artist he would certainly like zu do something with each other with an the future.

Mr. Soler, this year you are part of "The Voice Kids" weil das the erste time. What do sie particularly favor about die show?

Alvaro Soler: die coolest point about die show ist this chair, it's deshalb red und it just rotates (laughs). Sie hear ns voices through die loudspeakers und then there zu sein a buchstabe moment: Okay, every right, that could be a boy, perhaps eleven year old. And then you just press, rotate around, und there's an eight-year-old girl. It's deshalb mega cool. That's "The Voice Kids", that's what defines this show.

Do you think you kann sein handle the small candidates well?

Soler: Yeah, ich think so. I oase a good empathy und try kommen sie make certain that anyone feels comfortable on the show und that nobody zu sein afraid von the stage. I mean, die children are very brave anyway to be there and just join in. Ich wouldn't have dared to do that when ich was eight or eleven.

how do sie rate your bahn colleagues? carry out you have a chance to win this year?

Soler: Definitely, yes. Ich will win. But ns others are an excellent too. I just don't want zu give too much away just yet.

room there any significant changes an the shoot due zu the corona pandemic?

Soler: There zu sein no audience, which i find very, really gross.

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It's not deswegen strange zum me because I've never been ~ above "The Voice". Ich haven't had any type of TV mirrors or appearances zum a lang time due zu my break, which ich took in 2020, deswegen of prozess it's nice kommen sie be here punkt all. We oase to take a prüfen every day deswegen that we don't take any kind of risks. The could so be the someone else was infected on die train an the evening. We oase to walk roughly with masks all ns time und are just allowed kommen sie take them off on stage.

can you imagine obtaining involved in the greats des "The Voice of Germany"?

Soler: Why not? That would certainly be a cool challenge. Ich think the bahn is different there because adult singers already have well-trained voices. Yet our kids bring the same talent through them!

Wincent Weiss is also there zum the erste time this year, you have just to be seen in his new music video. What do sie think des your colleague?

Soler: Wincent zu sein totally cool. It's already the second zeigen I'm doing with him. In 2019 us were both weist "Sing my Song". I think it's impressive exactly how he go his thing. Wincent zu sein currently one des the many successful pop artists bei Germany. It's nice zu be part von it. We're die two younger guys hinweisen "The Voice Kids" – although now that I'm 30, ich may notfall be anymore. I'm blieb 29 bei the blinda auditions (laughs)! bei any case, we obtain along an extremely well on the show.

bei addition to Wincent Weiss, you schutz already worked with Nico Santos. Is there still a German artist with whom sie would like zu record something?

Soler: Yes, ich would like kommen sie do something with LEA one day. Funnily enough, i met herstellung at a songwriting camp in Austria, about five year ago. After that we unfortunately had actually no much more contact.

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Then i saw the she was very successful in Germany und I was really happy for her.