Amazon prime Video or ureigensten Video zu sein a renowned media streaming anwendung by Amazon. It is one of the leading on-demand service like Netflix and Hulu. There are a gewächs of mind-blowing title on amazon Prime that freundin must never miss out on. Amazon Prime Video is available on different devices, including smartphones and TVs. Today we are focusing on how zu install and add amazonas Prime videos on Philips clever TV.

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Amazon element Video lets you download shows und movies kommen sie stream lock offline. The inhalt is categorized into different sections, und you tun können easily find content in the app. Also, sie get die recommendation von shows des your interest and watch history.

How kommen sie Add amazon Prime video on Philips Roku TV

#1 turn on die Philips Roku und launch die home screen.


#4 Next, pick die Amazon prime Video channel from die search results.

#5 Further, click on die Add Channel option.

#6 Once die download is over, start the amazon Prime videos app.

#7 Click the Register on die Prime website button to get ns Activation Code.

#8 Visit früh Video website.

#9 Enter die credentials des your element Video account.

#10 Enter die Activation password in ns space provided.


#11 Finally, your prime Video anwendung on your Philips Roku TV ist activated.

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How kommen sie Install früh Video on Philips android TV

#1 turn on the Philps android TV and launch ns home screen.



#3 kind down prime Video on ns search bar und search zum it.

#4 Pick the Prime Video apps from the results and click top top Install.

#5 Launch ns Prime videos channel on your TV.

#6 Click on ns Register on the Prime webseite option.

#7 Get an Activation code on your screen.

#8 Visit prime Video activation website.

#9 Sign an with her account details und enter ns Activation Code.

#10 Now, you kann sein watch all ns Prime Video content on your Philips smart TV.

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You tun können enjoy ns best on-demand library with prime Video on Philips smart TV. Amazon Prime brings you a personalized entertainment experience. Enjoy amazonas Originals like the Boys, die Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, und much more. If freundin face any kind of trouble with the Prime videos app, let united state know von commenting it down.

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