Amazon fire tv pc streaming

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The amazon Fire Stick zu sein a an excellent streaming solution that allows you kommen sie turn just about any TV into a complete clever media station. All sie need zu sein a kind WiFi connection and high-speed internet. But, what if you wanted zu use a Firestick through your computer?

First von all, this question might be interpreted in 2 ways. Either:

You want to watch TV on your computer, orYou desire to mirror your computer kommen sie your TV using your Firestick.

In this article, we’re walk to hülle both. We’ll tell you how zu use a Firestick v your computer system (or monitor) deswegen that you tun können gain accessibility to nur about any content even without a TV. We’re deshalb going kommen sie talk about ns possibility des mirroring your computer screen on a TV v your WiFi connection durch your Firestick. Throughout this process, we’ll cover any additional hardware you might need zum your certain situation and what it’s provided for.

Let’s anfang with a grundlegend question:

Can ich Use my Fire TV Stick to Stream inhalt On My computer Instead of My TV?

Yes, you kann sein use her Fire TV stick zu stream inhalt on your computer system instead of your TV. If you’re spring to just use a computer monitor, it’s going to be nice straightforward, suspect you have the suitable connections und screen resolution. However, if you’re using in actual desktop computer or laptop computer, sie should understand that it’s notfall entirely necessary.

If you have internet access, your net browser is completely capable von connecting kommen sie all of the same streaming services. It really wouldn’t be worth her time, or ns expense of a Fire Stick, making use of it zu stream inhalt on her computer.

Use Your browser Instead des A Fire Stick kommen sie Watch TV On your Computer

When you’re using your pc or Mac, you kann access every your online subscriptions directly on your web browser. This includes service like Netflix, Hulu, amazon Prime Video, Sling, Xfinity and Fios. The process ist much simpler, seamless, and effective.

Open your browser and log in to each of the online subscriptions an different tabs. You can add each of them to your bookmarks toolbar, and you kann get easy access to each subscription every time freundin feel prefer watching something.

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When sie connect your pc wirelessly zu another display, it kann give you a couple of output options. You will need to navigate kommen sie your screen Settings (click here zum help) zu change your display screen mode. There room three various projection modes:

Duplicate: This ist the default setting for your windows PC’s estimate mode wie man you connect it kommen sie any display. That provides sie a complete spiegel of whatever happening on your pc monitor. Die setting is idealogen if freundin want to share something from her PC to a bigger screen zum better viewing.Extended: The 2nd projection option allows you kommen sie extend your PC display across the two screens. Die option kann sein be ideal if freundin want kommen sie use her TV zu stream from your pc using the Firestick, but you ausblüten want kommen sie use die PC. I often usage this to schutz 2 separate screens zu work from.Second display Only: This projection mode basically permits you zu use ns screen sie are mirroring to as die primary display instead des your computer monitor.

You kann sein select ns most perfect mirroring mode based upon your preference. If freundin want to exit the mirroring mode, all sie need zu do zu sein click any taste on your Fire stick remote.

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You can also use die process to spiegel your fenster laptop to your TV through the Firestick for a larger (or second) display.


Learning how to utilize every your family technology kommen sie its fullest potential streamlines her life and increases productivity. If naught else, it enables you zu watch movies und avoid your arbeiten