Amazon instant video app funktioniert nicht

Reinstall ExpressVPN

If the belästigung continues ~ installing die latest version von the program, probably a it is registered or some various other system fehler has occurred. In this case, reinstalling the anwendung should deal with that problem. Merely uninstall die ExpressVPN app, download ns latest version, and install the again. If the problem is still there, the issue might lie in the server you’re trying to connect to.

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Connect to Another Location

If your internet works generally while disconnected indigenous ExpressVPN, it is possible the the problem lies with ns VPN server the you’re trying zu access. Ns server may be under continual maintenance und might come back online quickly, but it could be ns case that amazon Prime has actually spotted many IPs trying zu access it und has automatically blocked it.

Whatever die case, you’ll want to choose one more ExpressVPN server. Chances are, ns other top-rated server sie choose is going kommen sie work nur as fine as ns one you’re at this time unable to access.

Disable her Firewall und Security Software

It’s feasible that ExpressVPN may schutz been flagged über your Firewall, antivirus, or anti-spyware app. Although turning off her Firewall and internet protection isn’t advised wie it comes to third-party programs, ExpressVPN ist a reputable leistungen that won’t put your online safety hinweisen risk.

As a rule von thumb, ns best way kommen sie go about it is creating an exception weil das ExpressVPN within every defense program that sie use. That way, her firewall und any protection software will no much longer regard ExpressVPN as a threat. If the belästigung persists, ns issue might be an ext complex.

Change die Protocol

VPN protocols are essentially ns methods that your an equipment uses kommen sie connect to a particular VPN server. UDP protocol ist the default to express VPN protocol, back it could be blocked an particular countries. This zu sein where die ‘Automatic’ protocol option can help you. Ns program wollen automatically select an ideal protocol for you.

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If this hasn’t solved the issue, try ns following protocols in this specific order:

OpenVPN TCPL2TP (offers minimal security)PPTP (offers minimal security

Diagnostics/Log File

By now, your issue with ExpressVPN have to be handle with. If your app still cannot attach to amazonas Prime, sie should let ns ExpressVPN support help you deal through it. Ns procedure is simple:

Access ‘Diagnostics’ an your appSelect ‘Save to File’

Cannot Connect kommen sie Router

If your ExpressVPN apps cannot connect to your router, freundin should call support directly. Ns ExpressVPN assistance Team ist available on direkt Chat on ns ExpressVPN website und will help sie solve ns issues that you’ve encountered promptly.

Constantly Disconnecting

If you can connect kommen sie various VPN servers yet are constantly suffering disconnections, try connecting to die server ar that is geographically closest kommen sie yours. If this doesn’t work, shot every action above, together if sie weren’t able to connect zu a VPN in the erste place.

Amazon früh Blocked

In the unlikely occasion that you’ve make the efforts all of the above und nothing helped, und if ExpressVPN works usually with other streaming service except amazonas Prime, ExpressVPN or that particular server the you’re making use of may schutz been blocked by amazon Prime.

To it is in absolutely sure, you’ll need confirmation. You can do that by googling and checking groups and forums that talk about such issues. If you don’t lakers anything, you kann ask die question yourself.

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Or let us know in the comment below. Feeling free zu ask other questions und offer services as well.