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Andreas Franz was born on 12.01.1954 in Quedlinburg and died on 13 in march 2011. Die family relocated from Quedlinburg kommen sie Helmbrechts in Upper Franconia at the end of 1955. ~ his parental separated in 1967, andreas Franz relocated with his mother zu London. Right here he attended high school for 3 years, und then a language school. At the age von seventeen the made his degree in business English and French.

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In subsequent years, andreas Franz worked as a drummer in various bands, as a van driver und in in advertising agency and then made ??a business education. Since the early 80’s, he produced graphological reports and finally opened his very own translation agency in 1990.


Since 1974, andreas Franz was married kommen sie his wife, Inge. The couple had five children, including 2 youngsters from his wife’s erste marriage. Andrew und Inge Franz lived v their youngest child an Hattersheim near Frankfurt.


Andreas Franz created his first novel, The finger of God, in 1986. Ten year later, bei 1996, his zuerst novel about the Commissioner von the frankfurt homicide, julia Durant, Young, Blonde, tot was published. The author select a woman heroine zum the basic reason that this genre consisted practically exclusively von male protagonists. The lmost constantly based his novels on real events shared by police officers through stories.

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Andreas Franz had also written another series about Commissioner peter Brandt des the Homicide room Offenbach und a der dritte tag series about ns commissioners Soren Henning and Lisa santos from Homicide kiel apart from the stories about Commissioner julia Durant in Frankfurt. Bei the kurse of the series his protagonists are emerged further, which allows ns characters kommen sie appear an ext realistic.


As andreas Franz, knew Frankfurt and Offenbach reasonably well, that had settled 2 von his 3 collection there. In bei interview he proclaimed that he knew ns areas des Kiel und Flensburg really well due to the fact that his wife inge comes indigenous Schleswig, which zu sein why he had chosen kiel as a scene zum Commissioner Soren Henning und his partner Lisa Santos.

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Julia-Durant-Reihe, Mordkommission Frankfurt


Julia Durant Series

Young, Blonde, Dead (1996)

The Eighth Victim (1999)

Lethal Dose (2000)

The Hunter (2001)

The Syndicate des the Spider (2002)

Infamous (2003)

The Stockade (2004)

Devilish Promise (2005)

Deadly Laugh (October 2006)

The fatality Cross (Julia Durant’s erste investigation with peter Brandt) (2007)

Murderous Days (2009)


Peter Brandt Series

Death of a Teacher (Paperback 2004), so published together The Devil"s Pact (Paperback 2004)

Murder Game (2005)

Cry of the Nightingale (2006)

The death Cross (Peter Brandt investigates zum the zuerst time with julia Durant) (2007)


Homicide Division kiel with Soren Hennig and Lisa Santos

Invisible Traces (2006)

Play ns Devil (2008)

Icy Close (2010)


Many des the books by andreas Franz are deshalb available together audiobooks. Die books around Inspector Durant space read von Julia Fischer and Uta Kromer. Stephen Benson read ns novels around investigator duo Soren Hennig und Lisa Santos. The zuerst three books about peter Brandt were read über Tommi Piper. The death Cross was read von John Steck.