Android Apps Auf Windows 10

While windows has a an extremely robust app ecosystem, there room some experience such as Snapchat or tiktok which zu sein only accessible on mobile.

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Microsoft has found a solution kommen sie that belästigung by recognize a way zu bring the android apps on her phone zu your PC, via die Your phone call app.

Their latest feature lets you conveniently pin your favourite mobile apps zu your taskbar or start menu des your PC zum quick und easy access. Wie man you launch in app, it functions as it would on her mobile phone and now opens up as a separate window outside von the her Phone app. So, whether freundin need zu quickly reply kommen sie a conversation, respond kommen sie your society posts, or stimulate food, you kann sein do it fast and efficiently using your PC’s big screen, keyboard, mouse, pen and touch display alongside your various other PC apps.

With your Phone apps, you can instantly accessibility the android apps installed on your mobile machine right on your PC. Using a Wi-Fi connection, Apps allows you zu browse, play, order, chat, and more – every while utilizing your PC’s larger screen und keyboard. You kann sein add your android apps as favourites on her PC, pin them zu your anfang menu und taskbar, and open them in separate fenstern to usage side-by-side through apps ~ above your computer – helping freundin stay productive.


Setting up und using android apps on her PC.

System Requirements

To usage Apps, you möchte need:

· A pc running the windows 10 might 2019 upgrade or later.

· zu check und update your version des Windows, ~ above your computer go to Settings > to update & Security > Check zum update.

· in Android device running android 9.0 or greater, with link to Windows. See the full list von supported gadgets here.

· Your android device and PC to be connected to die same Wi-Fi network.

· Apps works zum Your Phone anwendung versions 1.20071.88 or higher. Older versions von the your Phone app will nur the previous phone display experience.

What smartphones are supported?

Apps is available top top select samsung devices the have Link to Windows, such as:

· samsung Galaxy Note9

· samsung Galaxy Note10 series

· samsung Galaxy Note20 series

· samsung Galaxy S9 series

· samsung Galaxy S10 series

· samsung Galaxy S20 series

· samsung Galaxy Fold

· samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

· samsung Galaxy Z flip

Find the full list of supported gadgets here.

How do ich interact v apps?

You tun können use your PC’s mouse, trackpad, keyboard, pen or touch-enabled to open, type, scroll, und interact through apps. A couple of tips weil das using your mouse and keyboard:

· Single click will behave die same as any einzel touch/tap interaction

· Right click anywhere on her phone screen kommen sie navigate to die previous page

· Click und hold will behave ns same together a tap/hold interaction

· Click und hold und drag to select content

· Mouse scroll to move between pages vertically or horizontally

Some games and apps might not work through a mouse or keyboard. You will do it need zu use a touch-enabled PC kommen sie interact v them.

How do i pin android apps right into Windows?

You kann sein pin your android apps to the Windows anfang menu, taskbar, or include it zu Your Phone app favorites.

To pin in app on your PC:

1. Open the your Phone app

2. Go kommen sie Apps

3. Right click on the apps icon sie want zu pin or add zu your favorites

Frequently asked Questions

Are the apps from mine phone jetzt installed on mine PC?

No, apps you open on your PC wollen be to run from your android device. Your android device needs kommen sie be on and connected to ns same Wi-Fi network in order zum this zu work. Die Your Phone anwendung is connecting und mirroring apps kommen sie your computer from your android phone.

Can ich access android apps without linking my device?

No, sie need kommen sie connect your android device zu your computer via ns Your phone call app in order zu use this experience.

Can ich open multiple apps at die same time?

No, you kann only offen one android app weist a time. Die Your Phone anwendung is mirroring your android device’s screen und the opened up app in it. If you offen a new app, the one you already have open wollen be replaced with the new app.

Troubleshooting for Apps

Where walk Phone display screen go?

Phone screen is still available, you kann sein open it by using the Open call screen button above the apps list. This will spiegel your phone call screen die same way it did before, however it wollen be on a separate window from the Your phone app. Apps provides an easier neu way kommen sie interact through all des the apps set up on your android device über launching lock directly

I can’t lakers my apps under mine other android or enterprise profile

The her Phone app currently doesn’t assistance multiple android profiles or arbeit accounts. Only apps on your default profile wollen display in the your Phone app. Die Your Phone app isn’t compatible with arbeit or college accounts.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

Your call Apps möchte only work when your phone and PC can communicate with each other. They’ll both need to be associated to die same network (for example, your home Wi-Fi).

If attempting kommen sie use Apps bei your workplace, a successful link may not always it is in possible. In that occasion we recommend talking to your IT room or network administrator.

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Common troubleshooting zum Wi-Fi:

1. Inspect if your phone zu sein connected to mobile dünn instead of Wi-Fi, by going into your phone’s Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and ensure her Wi-Fi toggle zu sein turned “On” and the status underneath your existing network is “connected”.

2. Examine if your phone ist connected to ns same Wi-Fi network as your PC.

· start by checking her phone’s connection in Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and grad the nennen of the network under ns current network heading.

· top top your computer go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi  check your pc Wi-Fi zu sein turned “On” und the linked network zu sein the very same one as your phone.

· freundin may oase two different Wi-Fi networks, e.g. One that uses die 2.4GHz band and the other 5GHz. If sie click on your PC/phone Wi-Fi icon you should it is in able to lakers these networks an the list. Shot connecting to the same network ~ above both devices.

· Are sie behind a firewall or making use of a VPN? If so, it can be prevent communication between your devices, you could shot disabling these to see if this fixes die problem.

General troubleshooting

If you see in error post indicating your computer couldn’t connect zu your phone, it could be zum a variety des reasons. Below are few sachen to try:

On your android phone, check that:

· your phone is turned on.

· Battery Saver is turned Off on her phone.

· her phone isn’t bei Airplane mode.

· your phone und PC are linked to the same network or Wi-Fi.

· you’re signed into link to windows with ns same Microsoft account as the one on her PC.

On your PC:

· examine if your PC zu sein connected to the Internet.

· Make sure Battery Saver ist turned Off on her PC.

· check that your system accounts space working correctly. In Windows, go to Settings > System > common experiences. Select Fix now.

Known Issues/Limitations:

· part apps could block die ability kommen sie cast zu another screens.

· some games und apps might notfall respond kommen sie interactions native a computer mouse or key-board connected zu your PC. You will do it need kommen sie use a touch-enabled PC kommen sie interact with them.

· when you open in Android app via her Phone, you view and interact with the apps on her PC, but any kind of audio comes from the anwendung will beat on your android device. Die sound no transmitted to your PC.

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Download her Phone app

You can download die Your Phone anwendung for fenstern here. The verknüpfung to Windows apps is developed into the supported android handsets and can it is in found in the drop-down notice shade.