Android Pdf Kann Nicht Geöffnet Werden

You"ve supplied all your votes and won"t it is in able to post a neu idea, but freundin can blieb search and comment on present ideas.

There are two ways kommen sie get an ext votes:

When in admin closes an idea you"ve poll on, you"ll acquire your votes back from that idea. You kann sein remove her votes from in open idea you To see ideas you schutz already voted on, select the "My feedback" filter and select "My offen ideas".

enter your idea und we"ll search to lakers if someone has already suggested it.

If a comparable idea currently exists, you tun können und comment ~ above it.

If the doesn"t exist, you tun können post your idea deshalb others kann sein it.

classification function Requests (267) attribute Requests - Integrations (56) status ANY zustand Researching (17) Known pest (8) solved (74) gathering rückmeldung (54) planned (14) in progress (5) deferred (22) perfect (52) decreased (7)

In my instance this only happens zum one rundfunksender oddly enough. This has actually been consistently happening end the belastung month.

Du schaust: Android pdf kann nicht geöffnet werden

Problem: Can't check out incoming email due to bad format (see pic).

Workaround : begin a Reply to email, role down and read message. Super annoying obviously.

For me this only happens when ich receive e-mails from expedition It zum some reason.

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Using my own domain, configured as bei IMAP account, every emails that ich create or front from boxer zeigen up with bei "untitled attachment file" an the sent out folder von my account.

Open boxer, choose accountCreate emails with a title and some text. Die boxer ist signature zu sein included, and the send the emailGo zu Outlook 2013, offen the same account, go to sent email.The e-mails is effectively displayed however has buchstabe file dubbed "Untitled attachments 00049.txt" the number is random.That attachment document contains all the text of the emails created or forwarded. Document encoded in UTF-8 w/o BOMPlease note this file also appears an the web interface von my domain, deshalb it's not in Outlook 2013 issue.

Thanks weil das your feedback.

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Using my very own domain, configured as in IMAP account, every email that ich create or front from boxer nur up with bei "untitled attachments file" an the sent out folder of my account.

Open boxer, pick accountCreate emails with a title and some text. The boxer zu sein signature is included, und the send the email

I have several emails accounts (IMAP, POP, Exchange).The exchange account is ONLY for calendar sync. Ich do not wish zu sync emails for this account, deshalb I schutz disabled "sync email".

Still, randomly, boxer blieb syncs the emails for this account, even though it's disabled an the settings.

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Fixed ·
Eddy Witkamp responded

This concern has to be corrected in our latest Beta version.