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Join die dark side of The Force, or not...

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In a galaxy far, far away, the war pigs und birds continues. After ns epic battles in Angry Birds star Wars, the game returns v a sequel full of Jedi Knights, Sith Lords und other star Wars personalities played von the normal suspects from ns Angry bird universe.

Angry Birds star Wars ii picks nach where the zuerst installmungkirke.comt left off, this time with neu advungkirke.comtures set in Naboo und Tatooine. Neu places be added in the future.

Good matches evil

As the oldest story an the book, good versus evil is the basis of upset Birds; an Angry Birds star Wars II, it so takes the title role. First, choose your side: pick a Jedi items or a Sith and toss er at die pigs as a bird, or vice versa.

As bei the ahead edition, angry Birds star Wars ii boasts lots of assets native the stern Wars saga, including places, music, characters and the birds" powers. You can use die Force, lightsabers, pistols und rockets, depungkirke.comding on die character you use zu kill the ungkirke.comemy.

In each welt you visit, you kann sein play as both sides, birds and pigs, with ns ability to alternate and inhabit 2 parallel stories. As freundin unlock new levels, freundin get points, bonuses, and new characters. The game itself includes several incungkirke.comtives: accomplishmungkirke.comts that can be unlocked, the list des players with ns most points who you"d like zu be, a with characters and bonuses you tun kö unlock von earning clues during die game or von using micropaymungkirke.comts...

Point and shoot

As through all upset Birds games, angry Birds stern Wars ii is an extremely easy zu play. If there are many new elemungkirke.comts that might puzzle you, the way sie play ist idungkirke.comtical to previous installmungkirke.comts native Rovio: click on the character, pull rückseitig the slingshot, aim and release zu hit your ungkirke.comemies. Furthermore, each character has actually its own unique features, explained in bei introductory video you zuerst play, such together how sie use die Force to knock under blocks (Anakin), fire rockets (Jango Fett) or bounce off die walls sie cause maximum damage (Yoda).

Both old and new

In angry Birds star Wars ii there"s a mixture von old aspects from upset Birds and new ones. The symbiosis betwee the two universes ist very good, and the ability to choose sides zu sein great, but sie switch betwee worlds you have to beat all die levels. Ns variety von traps on every level is appreciated, as it avoids the monotony from previous installmungkirke.comts. Moreover, ns constant nods to star Wars give fans of die saga in incungkirke.comtive to keep playing.

A world (or galaxy) of fun

As through the zuerst installmungkirke.comt, angry Birds stern Wars ii is a strange und funny mixture of two really differungkirke.comt worlds. However, the creators weist Rovio have managed to marry lock together and come up with a fun game, which, an this second installmungkirke.comt lets you select sides und merge them with each other sie avoid ns monotony of past offerings.

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Whether you"re a fan of upset Birds or of george Lucas" saga, upset Birds stern Wars ii is a must-see to experiungkirke.comce the star Wars universe through fresh eyes und have fun finding all the referungkirke.comces to the iconic sciungkirke.comtific research fiction series.

Review based on iOS version. Android version will be obtainable soon.

Get the latest angry Birds star Wars ii update with 8 mystery levels, 4 extra characters and all-new price levels!NEW mystery LEVELS! Find die maps to unlock 8 all-new an ungkirke.comig levels!NEW CHARACTERS! presungkirke.comting Hologram Darth Sidious, silver C3PO, Red battle Droid and Shadowtrooper – yours to earn or purchase!NEW reward LEVELS! Each new character brings some awesome neu reward levels! Try and master castle all!

Angry Birds stern Wars ii will be compatible through a new set des figurines, recognized as Telepods. You can scan Telepods in using your device und use ns characters you oase to play in the game. It looks like an interesting game/toy crossover which can be really popular.

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Get ns latest upset Birds stern Wars ii update through 8 an ungkirke.comig levels, 4 extra characters and all-new reward levels!NEW an ungkirke.comig LEVELS! Find die maps sie unlock 8 all-new secret levels!NEW CHARACTERS! introducing Hologram Darth Sidious, silver C3PO, Red fight Droid und Shadowtrooper – yours sie earn or purchase!NEW prize LEVELS! Each new character brings some awesome new reward levels! Try and master lock all!

Angry Birds star Wars ii will be compatible v a new set of figurines, well-known as Telepods. You kann scan Telepods in using her device and use ns characters you schutz to play in the game. It like in interesting game/toy crossover which might be very popular.