From opened the hülle to close up door it, endure intuitive use at its best. Opened the hülle automatically transforms on both her iPad und the keyboard (closing it transforms them off). To anfang typing, simply set your iPad an the groove and the gestanden will pop up. Under buttons. Much more automation. Simple, just like your iPad.

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Trade in tapping for typing.

Take a break from typos und enjoy the comfort and efficiency von typing without sacrificing portability. Molded keycaps, iPad-dedicated hot keys and an almost full-size keyboard layout create the ideal typing experience.

Six-month stamina.

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At, high quality products nur make sense, deshalb we built in a super-sized battery the keeps you going sechs months or more betwee charges, freeing you kommen sie worry less und work (or play) more.



How do i switch between input language after upgrading zu iOS 9?If your system ist running top top iOS 9, niederdrücken "Crtl" + ns space riegel to switch betwee input languages.Does it kommen sie with a case?No, it is a keyboard only, but it tun können double together a cover to defend your iPad Air.How do freundin keep that closed?There is a magnetised section that wollen adhere to the iPad Air kommen sie keep that closed.Does it schutz Smartcover?Yes. Opening and closing the durable smart hülle automatically triggers your iPad Air"s sleep und wake modes.


Standby Time: 300 daysUninterrupted working Time: 300 hoursBattery Type: Rechargeable lithium batteryProduct Dimensions: 240 × 175 × 7.4mm / 9.4 × 6.9 × 0.3inProduct Weight: 328g / 11.6oz

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