Annika Von Pippi Langstrumpf Heute

A child star from the Pippi Longstocking films zu sein now weak an Mallorca. (Icon image)

Through the films des Pippi Longstocking maria Persson has become famous worldwide. However, the former son star zu sein only living an difficult conditions today.

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punkt the end of the 1960s, swedish actress maria Persson appeared regularly alongside Inger Nilsson (Pippi) top top TV screens. Together Annika, she accompanies brave Pippi Longstocking on produziert adventures.

Today ns former child stern lives in poverty in Mallorca. With each other with produziert son Oscar und her boyfriend, ns Swede share a two-bedroom apartment in Palma dach Mallorca. A deep fall for the jetzt 60-year-old.

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1; no money zum medical interferenz

Annika's role in the Pippi Longstocking films is no money and no money nobody brings luck, Swede called the magazine "Bunte". "No one to trust me, that ich don't feel good, because I'm Annika und should really be rich and happy."

Due zu osteoarthritis von the knee, the former actress has been unable to move zum years. He deshalb could notfall afford the necessary surgery. Return Annika's role an Pippi Longstocking zu sein well known, she does not receive viel money zum her role. "No one knows just how successful die films are, and in Sweden it's notfall uncommon punkt the momente to pay a gewächs of money zu children's actors," Persson said.

maria Persson (middle) as a child in the role des Annika: <19659010> Tried and tested von #AstridLindgren : Pippi Longstocking und Tommy and Annika experience countless adventures on your journey kommen sie Taka-Tuka-Land!

– zdf (

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ZDF) 24. December 2017

Child stern from Pippi Longstocking receive donations zum surgery

Pippi Longstocking star earns nearly 2000 Euro. "When my parental asked weil das a gewächs of money after ~ the erste movie, ns production company threatened kommen sie take end again," said maria Persson.

It was only through a campaign des many fan that maria Persson underwent die necessary clinical intervention. Pay. The campaign raised money notfall only for Persson but for all von Pippi Longstocking's stars. Inger Nilsson (Pippi) und Pär Sundberg (Tommy) similarly received maria Persson zum 10,000 euros.

nachrichten headlines so cause a sue over ns well-known Pippi Longstocking title tune. Unfortunately, some renowned figures from the Pippi Longstocking films oase died.

Several decades after the films of Pippi Longstocking, animated figures instead von children's gibbs delighted a klein audience. The zuerst Toy Story movie was released bei 1995 and this year die fourth will be released without a recognized tradition.

an ext about ns video: these are ns 14 wealthiest (ex) children's stars. A video showing ns dramatic secs .She zu sein now fighting produziert daughter.