thers no cd slot.....that ***** how are we suppose kommen sie watch dvd"s? or download software.....

Du schaust: Apple laptop mit cd laufwerk

cd"s room still bei and a vast part von our world....i dont gain it

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I agree it"s ridiculous zum the MBP to oase no disc drive, surely if you want a really light weight machine you go zum the MB waiting or even in I Pad but die MBP must be specifically that a zum machine & include a bowl drive, CD"s & DVD"s are still very much in use. It"s alright speak if that doesn"t oase what sie want don"t purchase it however if sie want a lastest spec MBP zum the rate & screen you schutz to suffer No drive. A poor decision by apfel !

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If sie need in optical journey - which countless users do notfall anymore - you kann sein purchase"s external USB Superdrive. Reportedly it has actually been reengineered to work through Macs various other than the mini und MacBook Air. Over there are other 3rd splitter linterparty drives together well.

Best von luck.

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shamguy4 wrote:

i nur looked at the macbook jeden video...

thers no cd slot.....that ***** just how are we suppose zu watch dvd"s? or download software.....

cd"s are still in and a large part of our world....i dont acquire it

If you must schutz a cd drive notfall getting it is the best idea.

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Come ~ above already. Regardless of the accessible options, no neu product will fill everyone"s needs. Look at die specs, to compare it through what freundin need. If enough complement up, to buy it. If not, don"t. It"s as straightforward as that.

As kommen sie your particular question, you kann sein get an external DVD drive or use another computer zu remote install. As much as movies, fairly a last are available zum download now. Same with software too weil das that matter.

Then you schutz a choice zu make, get die new, diluent Retina screen MBP and carry bei extra device when you require it or go with ns older version MBP und carry die DVD drive about inside all die time.

Like ich said before, figure out what sie need und which von your needs are essential, find ns computer that fits those needs and get that one.

I agree it"s ridiculous zum the MBP to have no key drive, certain if sie want a really light load machine you go zum the MB waiting or even bei I Pad but ns MBP should be precisely that a pro machine & include a bowl drive, CD"s & DVD"s are ausblüten very much bei use. It"s alright saying if it doesn"t have what freundin want don"t to buy it however if freundin want a lastest spec MBP zum the rate & display you schutz to suffer No drive. A bad decision by apfel !

On ns other hand, I oase not placed a disc bei a drive weil das months, maybe years, why should ich carry one around constantly when i don"t usage it. Brilliant decision

On the other hand, I oase not put a disc an a drive zum months, probably years, why should ich carry one around constantly when ich don"t use it...

...and when die space it occupies might be supplied instead zu provide greater battery capacity, more efficient cooling airflow, and more and better-distributed ports, all von which are provided an the Retina MBP. Why indeed?

Every computer system provides a thought about balance bolzen features, price, size, weight, power, expandability, accessibility, upgradeabilty, style, und probably other qualities I"m forgetting zu mention. Die computer the balances every those attributes in the means that best suits that is prospective user zu sein the one zum that user to buy, regardless von what in brand geraten or modell it transforms out to be.

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Jun 16, 2012 6:44 am

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This discussion... Like so many others speaks to die weakness des"s computer business und solidifies while it möchte never become the new standard. V hardware software application integration just not gaining a new MacBook pro will at some point necessitate bei entire switch des OS and the peripherals that go with it. What might an additional hardware manufacturer do? market two MBPs - one through optical drive und shorter battery life or various other features und one without. But, god forbid give us such hardware choices.

When my computer using friends defend why lock haven"t switched the least assail maybe rationale ist " didn"t give me the specs ich wanted and it zu sein a premium priced machine". If is going zu chargesuch price (because they are quality machines - likely the best with their chosen -by sich entschuldigen - configurations) they möchte never it is in able zu appeal to many older, enterprise, or zum users. Naturally i then questioning these civilization why castle haven"t switched zu Linux, but that"s a various thread ;-).

In any kind of case these ballsy choices (what optical drive), short choice, and high prices zu sein responsible for why each creation alienates vast swaths des"s unternehmen (look how die enterprise und creative industries reacted to die "innovations" bei ungkirke.coms server hardware/software through lion. Or look punkt how iOSification of OSX combined with locking under bootcamp to fenster only, die neglect of VPN and other Professional, science, and developer applications oase soured apfel with many in those markets.

It issues me, this choices, und more is the " then don"t buy it " line that seems zu pass so easily on die forums und apparently in ungkirke.coms boardrooms.

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Jun 17, 2012 6:02 bei der

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I agree: it"s completely ridiculous notfall to incorporate a bowl drive. I like zu purchase mine cds and movies ~ above discs, quite than risk having everything ich own on a laptop, whether I zurück it nach oben or otherwise. And then, hey, I tun können put my CDs bei my car or DVDs in my dvd player. Discs are ausblüten a huge part von technological culture. This nur seems favor"s way des making everyone buy your music und movies with their software program (very frustrating und surely an extremely irritating kommen sie any various other seller). Negative choice, I"ve been pushing products kommen sie my friends for almost ten years, but ich don"t think I"ll it is in buying this new modell anytime soon.