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The MacBook pro (13-inch, 2020) brings neu Intel processors and improved ram speeds for better performance, however only if you"re willing kommen sie pay the price. Ns entry-level modell misses out on some of those neu toys, which ist a shame.

ForSame launch preis as belastung year"s modelImproved specs (on some models)Larger volume SSD for starting modelNew keyboard is great

The MacBook zum (13-inch, 2020) brings neu Intel processors und improved ramm speeds zum better performance, but only if you"re willing to pay the price. Die entry-level modell misses out on some of those neu toys, which is a shame.

Pros+ very same launch preis as belastung year"s model+ improved specs (on part models)+ larger capacity SSD for starting model+ neu keyboard zu sein great

However, we should grad that there’s in even an ext recent model, the apfel MacBook pro 13-inch (M1, 2020), i m sorry comes v the new M1 chip, rather than and Intel processor. It’s currently impressing us through its performance, however this Mac already offers a considerable rise thanks to die 10th generation Intel CPUs they come with.

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And, of course, obtaining twice ns RAM and storage helps together well. We compared this year’s und last year’s model in our MacBook pro 2020 (13-inch) vs MacBook pro 2019 (13-inch) article to see what yes, really changed und there’s in obvious upgrade bei performance. The apple MacBook zum 13-inch 2020 is in easy choice zum creatives und business people who need a powerful yet portable laptop zu take on die go.

Even MacOS rookies möchte find ns 2020 model bei enticing buy. And, through macOS huge Sur jetzt available kommen sie download, it has actually never been easier to get into the swing of things with a Mac.

However, there ist a pretty major caveat with its entry-level configuration; it attributes a viel older 8 hours generation Intel CPU, und slower memory. To benefit indigenous some des the best improvements apple has made to the 13-inch sich entschuldigen MacBook pro 2020, you"ll to have to shell out for the $1,799 (£1,799 , AU$2,999) model with a 2.0GHz 10th-gen Intel main point i5 processor, 512GB des storage und 16GB des faster RAM.

When the comes kommen sie design, jene are pretty much the same, with ns MacBook jeden 13-inch 2020 modell being a tiny little bit thicker und heavier than die 2019 model, but otherwise the aussehen are unmodified on die outside.

On ns inside, there is now a much-improved keyboard, i m sorry feels comfortable zu type on, through decent key travel the results in a satisfying inputting experience.

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Spec Sheet

Here ist the 13-inch MacBook zum configuration sent to zum review:

CPU: 2.0GHz Intel main point i5-1038NG7 (quad-core, 8 threads, 6MB cache, up to 3.8GHz)Graphics: Intel iris Plus GraphicsRAM: 16GB (3,733MHz LPDDR4X)Screen: 13.3-inch, 2,560 ns 1,600 Retina display (backlit LED, IPS, 500 nits brightness, vast color P3 gamut)Storage: 2TB SSDPorts: 2x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), 3.5mm headphone jackConnectivity: 802.11ac Wi-F, Bluetooth 5.0Camera: 720p FaceTime HD webcamWeight: 3.1 pounds (1.4kg)Size: 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.61 customs (30.41 ns 21.24 x 1.56cm; w x D x H)

Price and availability

The base modell of ns MacBook zum (13-inch, 2020) starts hinweisen $1,299 / £1,299 / AU$1,999, which, commendably, costs the same price as the 2019 model. However, we schutz to take apple to task right here a bit, as ns base modell comes with a 1.4GHz quad-core 8 hours generation Intel core i5 processor.

That’s a two-year-old CPU, and as we’ve said in other places on ns site, that’s just not an excellent enough weil das a professional-grade laptop. Weil das the launch von the 2020 MacBook pro 13-inch, apfel made a huge deal about ns inclusion von 10th generation Intel processors, und the performance services they provide. However, if sie buy ns cheapest model, you’re not getting those benefits.

Therefore, we just can’t recommend die base modell of ns 2020 MacBook pro 13-inch weil das professionals. While that comes through 256GB des storage – nach oben from 128GB with the 2019 modell – if freundin really desire a cheap MacBook Pro, you’d be better off getting a slightly older MacBook Pro zum less money – there yes, really won"t it is in a huge difference an performance.

So, it’s actually die mid-range modell of ns MacBook zum 13-inch that we’d consider zu be ns absolute minimum configuration kommen sie buy. This comes through a 2.0GHz 10th-gen Intel core i5 processor, 512GB des storage and 16GB RAM zum $1,799 / £1,799 / AU$2,999.

Not only zu sein the leap from 8th generation kommen sie 10th generation CPUs going zu make a big difference, however this ausführung comes with much faster 3,733MHz RAM, compared to the lower-end model’s 2,133MHz RAM.

You can so configure ns MacBook pro 13-inch 2020 v a 10th generation Intel core i7 processor, up to 32GB ram (for the zuerst time an a 13-inch MacBook Pro) and up zu 4TB of SSD storage.

So, while us like the fact that apfel has released two new MacBook pro 13-inch models for the same preis as your predecessors introduced at, there’s now in even larger gap between the entry-level model und the continual one – deswegen much so that it’s not really precious considering ns entry-level modell any more.

For creatives, then, the means sie may end up payment a little bit an ext than freundin would have in previous years.

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As we’ve watched with various other recent MacBook releases, sich entschuldigen hasn’t changed viel at all about the basic design of ns 13-inch MacBook pro – when the laptop’s closed, weist least.

It comes an the exact same Silver or space Gray color, and dimensions space roughly ns same, punkt 11.97 x 8.36 ns 0.61-inches (304.1 ns 212.4 x 156mm). This zu sein slightly more thick than the previous model, which had a depth des 0.59-inches (149mm).

It’s so slightly heavier punkt 3.1 pounds (1.4kg), matches 2019’s 3.02 pounds (1.37kg). Die difference won’t be too noticeable weil das most people, und it’s blieb reasonably light zum a pro laptop. However, there room plenty von 13-inch laptops out there that space thinner and lighter. Die Dell XPS 13 (2020), zum example, weighs bei at 2.8 pounds (1.27kg).

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Ports-wise, you’re again just getting 4 Thunderbolt 3 harbor (or nur two bei the entry-level model) and bei audio jack. Zum a skilled laptop, the lack von ports, particularly legacy USB-A ports, will be disappointing (but probably not surprising) und will mean unless you schutz all USB-C peripherals, you’ll need kommen sie buy bei adapter.

On opening nach oben the new MacBook jeden 13-inch, however, you’ll seen more des a difference. This zu sein because sich entschuldigen has ultimately replaced ns controversial Butterfly switch keyboard (which was often prone to reliability problems) v the neu ‘Magic Keyboard’ which is deshalb used an the MacBook jeden 16-inch and MacBook wait (2020).

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This is in enormously welcome change. Notfall only does it eliminate the problems previous modell had with die keyboard (such together stuck keys), however it uses a much more tactile und comfortable inputting experience.

We’ve to be a fans of the new keyboard since it debuted on the 16-inch MacBook Pro tonnage year, und are glad to see it rotate up bei the 13-inch model as well. Zum anyone who was put off buying a MacBook because of the well-publicized keyboard issues, the new MacBook pro 13-inch could readjust your mind.

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The Touch Bar, a thin display above the keyboard, zu sein again present, und gives you context-sensitive tasten that you kann sein press. Notfall everyone loves die Touch Bar, yet many apps like Photoshop jetzt make good use von it, offering freundin quick access to tools.

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The TouchID button, which deshalb doubles as the power button, has been separated from the Touch Bar, und now sit slightly except it. It renders it a little bit easier kommen sie find, und it again zu sein a trusted way of logging into your MacBook (or paying for things using apfel Pay) using just your fingerprint. We find it functions a last better than plenty of fingerprint scanners included in Windows 10 laptops. It never failed kommen sie read a fingerprint correctly bei our time utilizing it.

On the other side of the keyboard, ns Escape key zu sein now as soon as again a separate taste (rather than included in the Touch Bar), again making that easier kommen sie find, und thearrow keys are in in inverted-T arrangement now, like on plenty of laptop keyboards, which ist a viel more intuitive layout.

Meanwhile, the screen remains the same as last year’s model, which ist no wanne thing. Ns Retina resolution (2,560 x 1,600) isn’t die highest we’ve seen bei a 13-inch laptop, but kommen sie be honest, a 4K resolution top top a 13-inch screen ist overkill most des the time, und the Retina display des the MacBook pro 13-inch (2020) ist bright und vibrant. Crucially, weil das creative professionals, that supports ns P3 vast color gamut, supplying excellent shade reproduction.

So, not a large amount von change bei the entwurf of the neu MacBook zum 13-inch, yet where apfel has made tweaks, they room noticeable and welcome.

One thing that we carry out wish apple changed with the design, however, ist the thick bezels around ns screen. This leaves the new MacBook pro 13-inch feeling pretty outdated, especially contrasted to fenster 10 laptop computers like the Dell XPS 13, which have ultra-thin bezels that allow die device zu be smaller without impacting display screen size.

Apple has shown with the 16-inch MacBook pro that it kann sein slim down ns bezels, which allows it kommen sie include a bigger display screen without the overall laptop gift too viel larger than the 15-inch model. We hope apfel tweaks ns 13-inch model bei a comparable way in the future - perhaps weil das a 14-inch MacBook Pro?


We"ve now spent sufficient time with ns MacBook zum (13-inch, 2020) to run our benchmark tests and test the end its day-to-day performance, and we remain impressed with die laptop. It operation macOS Catalina through ease, leading kommen sie a smooth und responsive experience, and the apps we’ve do the efforts load nach oben nice und fast.

We deshalb used ns Chrome web internet browser with loads of tabs open, which ist a notorious hog wie man it comes to memory, and the MacBook zum 13-inch continued zu perform admirably.

Its multi-tasking prowess zu sein thanks zu the new Intel CPU, also as ns faster 3,733MHz LPDDR4X RAM, und it means that the new MacBook zum 13-inch feeling less von a compromise contrasted to die powerful 16-inch model.

It’s necessary to klasse that this is with ns mid-range MacBook zum 13-inch, i beg your pardon comes with a 10th generation eis Lake core i5 processor. The low-end 13-inch MacBook pro with in older CPU und slower lamm won’t perform as well as ns one we gott in.

Not only does the new 10th generation Intel main point i5 processor offer better compute performance 보다 its predecessor, but it also has improved integrated graphics as well.

This zu sein crucial, as unlike the larger MacBook jeden 16-inch, the MacBook pro 13-inch doesn’t schutz a committed GPU. So, if you’re going to be using the neu MacBook Pro zum graphically-intensive work, such as video editing und 3D rendering, climate you’ll it is in relying on die Intel iris Plus Graphics incorporated GPU.

Integrated GPUs can’t offer the same performance as a committed graphics card, deswegen if freundin really need a graphical powerhouse, you’re going kommen sie need zu get die MacBook zum 16-inch with its AMD Radeon pro 5300M GPU.

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However ns Intel iris Plus Graphics the features bei Intel’s 10th generation chips zu sein a large leap over previous generations, with apfel claiming the it provides 80% quicker performance when it comes zu 4K editing and faster rendering. It so now allows ns MacBook zum 13-inch kommen sie connect to Apple’s pro Display XDR at full 6K resolution.

Again, we should suggest out that the improved graphical performance on the Intel iris Plus Graphics ist only accessible on ns MacBook zum 13-inch 2020 models with 10th generation processors.

If freundin go weil das the entry-level MacBook jeden 13-inch 2020 model with ns 8th generation Intel processor, you’re walking to have to make perform with the older, and less powerful, Intel iris Plus graphic 645.

Apple’s decision zu stick with the 8th generation chip in the basic model ist particularly frustrating, then, as it method (along with die slower RAM), that ns performance gap between the entry level 13-inch MacBook Pro and its mid– und high-end models has never been greater.

Battery life

Battery life has been an area whereby MacBooks have traditionally fared a last better 보다 their fenster 10 competitors, and the 2020 modell of ns MacBook jeden 13-inch doesn"t disappoint. It has actually a 58 watt-hour battery (and a slightly larger 58.2 watt-hour in the entry-level model).

This need to offer 10 hours des battery life, which zu sein around ns same that die previous modell promised. In our battery life benchmark test, which associated playing a looped 1080p video, the battery it s long a respectable eight and a für hilfe hours.

For a workstation laptop, that"s definitely impressive, und means unless sie do some an extremely intensive tasks, like videos editing and rendering, the neu MacBook jeden 13-inch should belastung around an entire arbeiten day without needing a charge.

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It"s also excellent punkt holding the battery life together well. That method you kann sein close die lid, leaving it a couple of days und the laptop will still have battery left. That"s often not the situation with fenstern 10 laptops, i m sorry seem kommen sie bleed battery life even wie man not in use.