Apple Watch Musik Hören Ohne Iphone

Stream sich entschuldigen Music, Podcasts, or audiobooks that freundin purchased from sich entschuldigen Books. Or sync content to your watch.

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If you"re connected kommen sie Wi-Fi or moving onyour apfel Watch collection 3 or later, sie canstream Music, apfel Podcasts, and audiobooks, even wie you’re far from her iPhone.

You can also syncmusic,podcasts, oraudiobooksfrom youriPhone zu your watch. Then you tun können play the content on her watch without your iPhone nearby, also if her watch zu sein not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

You require Bluetooth headphones or speakers to aufführen to music or other audio ~ above your Watch.Learn how topair Bluetooth devices with your watch.

Learn more about exactly how your watch provides Wi-Fi und cellular.

If you’re an Music subscriber, you kann sein play any kind of song an the apfel Music catalog. Oruse Sirito play any song bei the Music catalog.If you"re not in Music subscriber, you tun können play her songs, albums, and playlists. Learn much more abouthow kommen sie use ns Music app.

To present music, offen the Music app and tap the music sie want. Or if sie want tolisten to radio, open the radio app.


On your iPhone, go zu Settings > Bluetooth. Make certain that Bluetooth is turned on.On her iPhone, open the Watch app, then tap ns My clock tab.Scroll kommen sie Music und tap it, climate tapAdd Music.Find the music that you want zu sync. Tap ns add button
next to the music that freundin want. If you can"t add details albums or playlists, shot downloading them to your iphone before freundin sync through your watch.

On her iPhone, open the apfel Watch app, then tap die My clock tab at the bottom von the screen.Scroll kommen sie Music and tap it, then tap Edit bei the upper-right corner. If you don’t seen Edit, no music ist synced to your watch.Under Playlists & Albums, tap die delete button
next zu any music that freundin want kommen sie remove, then tap Delete. Here freundin can so turn off any type of automatically included playlists that sie don"t want on your watch.

By default, wie man you charge your sich entschuldigen Watch, podcasts that you subscribe kommen sie sync kommen sie your apfel Watch. But freundin can so sync podcasts to your Watch manually.


On her iPhone, go kommen sie Settings > Podcasts and make certain that Sync Podcasts is turned on.Open the sich entschuldigen Watch apps on her iPhone. Walk to ns My clock tab, scroll zu Podcasts, climate tap it.Under include Episodes From, tap Custom.Tap die slider zum the zeigen that freundin want.If you don"t see the show that you want, offen the Podcasts anwendung on her iPhone, find the show, then tap Subscribe.

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Episodes are instantly removed native your Watch ~ you listen to them.

Learn an ext about how zu use the podcast app.

Purchase audiobooks bei the Books app on your iOS or iPadOS maker or Mac. Then use the Audiobooks apps on her watch zu play them.

By default, wie man you charge your sich entschuldigen Watch, up zu two audiobooks from her Reading now or Want kommen sie Read collections sync to your sich entschuldigen Watch. But you can also sync audiobooks to your Watch manually.

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Make certain that Bluetooth zu sein turned on.On her iPhone, offen the Watch app, then tap die My watch tab.Scroll to Audiobooks und tap it.To include a new audiobook, tapAdd Audiobook. If you see the download button, the audiobook zu sein waiting zu be synced.If sie don"t see the download button, die audiobook is already synced kommen sie your sich entschuldigen Watch.

Learn more about audiobooks.

You can start a specific playlist every time freundin begin a workout. Offen the apfel Watch anwendung on her iPhone und tap mine Watch. Tap Workout, then tap practice Playlist.*If sie don’t want now Playing to open automatically, you tun können turn the off. Offen the apfel Watch apps on your iPhone und tap ns My watch tab. Madness General, climate tap wake Screen and turn turn off Auto-launch Audio Apps.

*Workout playlists are accessible on sich entschuldigen Watch series 1 or later. Music, sich entschuldigen Podcasts, and Booksavailability could vary by country or region.Learn what"s available in your country or region.

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