Apple Watch Musik Ohne Iphone

Use ns Music anwendung to choose und play music ~ above Watch. You tun können play music save on Watch, regulate music on your iPhone, und stream music native Music if you a subscriber.

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Ask Siri. Say other like:

“Play ‘enough weil das you’ von Olivia Rodrigo”

“Play more songs from this album”

“Play my workout playlist”

After freundin connect Watch kommen sie Bluetooth headphones or speakers, offen the Music app on her Watch, then perform any des the following:

Play music from iphone (Bluetooth pairing notfall required): Scroll to die top von the screen, tap top top iPhone, then tap a playlist, artist, album, or das lied to pat it.

Play music from your music library: Tap Library, then tap a playlist, artist, album, or song. Zu play music downloaded zu your Watch, madness Downloaded, then pick music.

Request music from Music ( Music subscription required): Raise your wrist, climate request bei artist, album, song, genre, or portion von a das lied lyric.

If you’re an Music subscriber, you kann sein play music liked just zum you.

Open die Music apps on her Watch.

Scroll to ns top of the screen, climate tap listen Now zu view a preserve feed des playlists and albums based upon your likes and dislikes.

Tap a category, tap bei album or playlist, climate tap .

When play music, you tun können see a list von upcoming songs an the queue.

Open die Music app on her Watch.

Play in album or playlist, then tap .

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To beat a track an the queue, madness it.

By default, auto Play to add music kommen sie the ende of ns queue that’s similar to what you playing. To turn off auto Play, insanity


Note: When you turn off wagen Play top top a device that uses your ID—your Watch, weil das example—it’s turned off only weil das that device. Other devices wollen continue to use automobil Play until sie turn it turn off on every one.

To add music sie choose to the queue, swipe left on a song, playlist, or album; tap

; then tap Play next or play Later. Music you choose to play later zu sein added zu the ende of die queue.

Turn die Digital Crown zu adjust volume. Usage these controls zu play music on her Watch and iPhone:

Play the current song.


Pause playback.


Skip to die next song.


Skip to ns beginning des the song; double-tap kommen sie skip to the previous song.

Shuffle albums, songs, artists, from ns Music screen: Tap an album, artist, or playlist, climate tap .

Shuffle or repeat music from the playback screen: While viewing ns playback screen, madness , climate tap or


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Tap Repeat twice zu repeat a song.


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