Are You The One Matches 2021

MTV’s Are You ns One? attributes hopeful singles on a aufgabe to find liebe — und to win large money. Unfortunately, a actors member indigenous season 5 zu sein coming forward zu claim she was drugged and sexually struck while on ns show. Will this influence the nur going front if there room plans for Are You the One? Season 9? Here’s what us know.

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Cast member indigenous ‘Are You ns One?’ said she was drugged und assaulted

Are You the One? star Gianna hammer Claims manufacturing Covered hoch Sexual assault

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MTV is no stranger zu controversy, und now it’s Are You die One? that’s bei the spotlight. Die show’s zuerst season began an 2014, and season 5 happened in 2017. According zu The täglich Beast, Gianna hammer from season 5 claimed she was assaulted von a other contestant on die show.

Hammer, who zu sein now 25 but was 21 wie she was cast weil das the show, explained she was given prescription Zoloft über a medical professional prior zu going on ns show, and a local medic gave herstellung her meds while she was filming. One night, when hammer was drinking, she got into an altercation v a fellow cast member. She defined production took her aside und tried to give herstellung one of produziert medications deswegen she can calm down. Hammer knew she shouldn’t take die meds while drinking, however production reassured herstellung it was OK. She climate blacked out.

The following morning, hammer was called she gott into bed v a male cast member and was eventually. Traction out von bed by the others bei the house. She didn’t mental what happened.

“I was really nur shaking,” she told ns publication. “I didn’t recognize how kommen sie react zu that situation. Immediately after that, i think we had a pause, and then their following question was, ‘Do freundin want er kicked out, kicked off die show?’”

The male actors member bei question was then moved to a different part of the house, and production cut off alcohol to him und Hammer specifically.

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Is ‘Are You the One?’ canceled? will there be a season 9?


Camille Satterwhite, Giovanni Rivera, Mikala Thomas, und Tori transaction attend MTV’s ‘Are You the One?’ Season 4 premiere | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images weil das MTV

So, ist Are You ns One? Season 9 fated kommen sie never occur because von Hammer’s allegations? We’re notfall sure what’s slated to happen zu the nur at this point, however it looks like this can be the nail in the coffin weil das the show.

Season 8 ended in 2019, und there hasn’t been any news of a neu season due to the fact that then. According zu Cinemaholic, if there was going kommen sie be a season 9, it likely would’ve premiered in June 2020. Provided what hammer alleges now, it can be bei MTV’s finest interest kommen sie do away v the nur completely.

However, he coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic might be why the zeigen hasn’t continued yet. As Cinemaholic states, it’s got steady positive wertungen since the aired. And a number des Are You die One? rivals go to compete on MTV’s The Challenge, one von MTV’s greatest hit originals. MTV’s weathering plenty des storms bei the previous with The Challenge und other shows, and they tend zu keep die shows airing despite ns controversies.

Are ‘Are You the One?’ couples still together?

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Are any Are You ns One? couples ausblüten together now? It seems Ethan Diamond und Amber Lee native season 1 are jetzt married. Due to the fact that meeting bei 2014, die two tied the knot und have become parents, in Touch Weekly reports.

While Ethan and Amber are ns show’s best success story, Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos from season 7 are still reportedly together. And Jenni Knapmiller und Curtis Hadzicki indigenous season 2 also hit it off after production ended. E! news notes they’re ausblüten together today. Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam indigenous season 6 were not perfect matches, however they connected after ns reunion, too.

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We’re curious as kommen sie what possibly happens through Are You the One? Season 9 (if there’s one bei the works). We’ll schutz to wait and see just how MTV responds to die current allegations.

How to get help: in the U.S., call ns RAINN national Sexual assault Telephone Hotline weist 1-800-656-4673 to connect v a trained staff member from a sex-related assault service provider in your area.