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"View, edit and organize her photos"

★ WinnerBest image Viewer und Converter an 2017.

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From organizing and editing your photos zu uploading castle online, Ashampoo picture Commander 12 is a an effective weapon that provides you ns ability to schutz full regulate over your bild with only a couple of mouse clicks. Die most recent version of Photo command (ver. 12) introduces new features (such as ns ability zu save your arbeit as .psd, WEBP compatibility, new effects, etc.) und improves the existing ones zum more convenience and better handling.


As quickly as you launch die installer you’ll be prompted kommen sie choose die language sie want kommen sie use during installation. Then the fasst wizard will open und guide sie through die whole procedure, which zu sein very short und straightforward. In one of the steps, you’ll be asked whether sie want to install Advanced treiber Updater, in additional advertised software. Check No, give thanks to you zu avoid installation it und proceed kommen sie the last step.

Supported operating systems are windows XP (Service pack 2), windows Vista, windows 7 und Windows 8 (32/64-bit).


First-time users are greeted with a basic step-by-step wizard kommen sie help castle make radikale settings such as associate different paper types with photo Commander.

The taste window ist divided into 3 taste parts: the Folder Area, the inhalt Area and the Preview Area.

The Folder Area zu sein the pane situated on the left side of the window und is ns place where you select die directories an which the photos you want zu edit room located. The content Area is the area an the middle des the window, whereby all consisted of photos from ns Folder Area are bezeichnen as thumbnails. Ns Preview Area display screens a preview des a selected photo.

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Double-clicking on a photograph opens the editor, which has all ns editing tools you need.


Ashampoo photo Commander 12 has many an effective filters that you kann sein use kommen sie search und find any image stored anywhere an your computer. Die filters are located on top von the content Area and can be supplied instantly. Her photos can also be organized über creating virtual photo albums and editing tags. Batch actions are supported too; weil das example you tun können batch transform files zu another format, or rename castle using miscellaneous rules und filters. It’s exceptionally easy kommen sie do so, plus it doesn’t even matt how numerous files freundin want to process hinweisen a time- photograph Commander 12 won’t zurück down a bit even when it has kommen sie deal through thousands des photos.

A new feature in the latest version von the picture Commander ist the smart photo importer, which automatically scans weil das photos located in a connected resource device.

When die time zu edit your photos comes, sie should understand that the software will not let sie down. It has a vast variety des editing tools, including a last of impacts (Blur, Sharpen, Grayscale, Sepia, Soft Glow, Soft Blend, lively Colors, Pizelize, Dotted, Invert, X-ray und many others), contrast/color mediate settings, automatically optimization tools, crop/selection tools, red-eye remove tool, etc. Chances are that freundin won’t need ns help des any external software zu edit a photo, because Photo Commander includes most tools that you’ll most likely need.

In addition, over there are functions that allow you kommen sie send photos via email, create videos slideshows, design and print greeting cards, upload photos and albums zu Facebook/Picasa und burn photos kommen sie CD/DVD/Blu-ray.


No cons here.

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Not plenty of photo-editing and organizing software tun können compare zu Photo Commander, however one the stands out ist Diffractor, which also has numerous features und tools kommen sie help sie maintain your picture collection, and also organize her music and video records too. Browse our picture & Graphic review section weil das more.


Ashampoo photograph Commander 12 has many exceptional tools von high high quality that will hülle your back in all your picture editing und management tasks. It’s plainly a top-notch software that anyone should punkt least try out. Offer it a walk Today!


Requirements: operating System:Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7Requirements:Any device that supp…