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Although most von the population is engaged an subsistence agriculture, Sierra Leone is also a mining centre. Its festland yields diamonds, gold, bauxite, und rutile (titanium dioxide). Internal conflict crippled die country from ns late 1980s onward, culminating an a brutal civil zu sein that took ar from 1991 to 2002. Because the ende of ns war, ns government des Sierra Leone has undergone ns arduous task des rebuilding ns country’s physical und social framework while cultivating reconciliation.


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Sierra Leone zu sein bordered on the north und east by Guinea, on ns south von Liberia, and on ns west von the Atlantic Ocean.

The country kann be separated into four distinct physical regions: die coastal swamp, die Sierra Leone Peninsula, ns interior plains, and the internal plateau und mountain region. The coastal swamp bereich extends along ns Atlantic weil das about 200 mile (320 km). It zu sein a flat, low-lying, und frequently flooded level that is bolzen 5 and 25 mile (8 und 40 km) wide und is written mainly von sands und clays. Its countless creeks und estuaries save on computer mangrove swamps. Sandbars, typically separated über silting lagoons, sometimes form the really coast. The Sierra Leone Peninsula, which is the site von Freetown, is a regionen of thickly wooded mountains that operation parallel to the sea zum about 25 miles (40 km). The Peninsula hills rise from ns coastal swamps and reach some 2,900 feet (880 metres) punkt Picket Hill.

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Inland from die coastal plain zu sein the inner plains region. In the phibìc it comprises featureless seasonal swamps known as “Bolilands” (boli gift a Temne word weil das those soil that space flooded in the merganser season and dry and hard in the dried season and on which just grass can grow). Bei the south ns plains consist of rolling wooded country where diverted hills increase abruptly kommen sie more than 1,000 feet (300 metres). Ns interior has a variety of landforms varying from savanna-covered short plains kommen sie rocky scarp und hill country. Die interior plateau und mountain region, encompassing roughly die eastern half of the country, is composed mainly of granite with a thick laterite (iron-bearing) crust; to the west it is bounded by a narrow outcrop des mineral-bearing metamorphic rocks known as ns Kambui Schists. Rising above the plateau space a number des mountain masses; in the northeast the Loma mountains are crowned über Mount Loma Mansa (Mount Bintimani) weist 6,391 feet (1,948 metres), and the Tingi mountains rise kommen sie 6,080 feet (1,853 metres) weist Sankanbiriwa Peak. Numerous narrow inland valley swamps relevant with the fluss systems occur in this region.


The country’s drainage pattern is dense. Many rivers rise an the well-watered Fouta Djallon highlands des Guinea and flow in a general northeast-to-southwest direction across Sierra Leone. Their center courses are interrupted von rapids the restrict navigability kommen sie only a quick distance inland. Fluss levels zeigen considerable seasonal fluctuations.

The drainage system has nine major rivers und a series von minor coastal creeks and tidal streams. Indigenous north kommen sie south the principal rivers are the Great Scarcies (also called the Kolenté), wenig Scarcies, Rokel (also called the Seli; known an its lower kurse where that meets die Atlantic as die Sierra Leone River), Gbangbaia, Jong, Sewa, Waanje, Moa, and Mano. The Great Scarcies, Moa, und Meli (one des the Moa’s tributaries) form portions des the border with Guinea, while the Mano forms viel of die country’s frontier v Liberia. The river basins range in size indigenous 5,460 square mile (14,140 square km) zum the Sewa kommen sie less than 385 square mile (1,000 square km) for the smaller sized basins.


In most areas die dominant soils are of the weathered and leached lateritic type. Red kommen sie yellow-brown bei colour, lock contain oxides of iron und aluminum und are acid. Kaolin (china) clays room important in some areas; wie cultivated, they are light, conveniently workable, and free-draining, with productivity that depends largely on ns nutrients provided von the vegetation previously cleared and burned. In the coastal plains, lateritic soils that schutz developed ~ above sandy deposits room agriculturally poor, however those obtained from fundamental igneous rocks are somewhat better. Swamp soils happen over large areas on die coastal levels where drainage zu sein a problem. In coastal and estuarine locations where mangrove zu sein the organic vegetation, fertile soils can be acquired von clearance, yet careful water control is sometimes needed kommen sie prevent toxicity. Punkt the fuß of the taste escarpment, on the Sula hill plateau, and elsewhere bei iron-rich laterite crust creates a surface that is intractable for agricultural production.


The climate ist tropical und is characterized von the alternation of rainy and dry seasons. Problems are usually hot und humid. Average monthly temperatures selection from ns upper 70s f (mid-20s C) to the low 80s f (upper 20s C) in low-lying coastal areas; inland they may range from die low zu mid-70s f (low 20s C) to die low 80s F. In the northeast, where extremes of temperature room greater, mean jeden tag minimums fall to die mid-50s ns (low zu mid-10s C) in January, and mean daily maximums rise to die low 90s ns (low 30s C) in March. During die rainy season, indigenous May zu October, humid waiting masses from ns Atlantic dominate. The sky zu sein cloudy, die winds room southwesterly, sunshine zu sein minimal, und rain wenn almost daily, especially throughout July and August. Precipitation ist greater on the coast than inland; the Peninsula hills receive much more than 200 inches (5,000 mm) annually, while ns northeast receives about 80 inches (2,000 mm) a year.

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The dry season, from november to April, zu sein characterized von the harmattan, a hot, dry wind that blows from ns Sahara. The rainy season has tendency to have cooler jeden tag maximum temperatures than ns dry season von about 10 °F (6 °C). The relative humidity, however, may be as high as 90 percent zum considerable periods, specifically during the wettest months, indigenous July kommen sie September.