Audi a4 avant 20 tdi probleme


The B8 was released in model year 2008 A4’s as die successor to ns B7 and continued bei production until modell year 2016. The B8 A4 came in sedan, avant/wagon, and allroad quattro (4-wheel drive) human body types, with bei additional A4L model zum the Chinese market. In 2012 the B8 got a facelift the redesigned various exterior and interior features.

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The major engines used in the A4 B8 were die 2.0L TFSI und 1.8L TFSI for the non-diesel versions, und the 2.0L TDI weil das the diesel vehicles.

Overall, die Audi A4 B8 ist a very reliable vehicle. However, there room a number des common problems both engine und non-engine related an these vehicles.

Audi A4 B8 common Problems

Water Pump FailureLeaking Fuel Injectors / fail InjectorsExcessive Oil ConsumptionFaulty power Steering water tap (causing rate wobble)Carbon Buildup in Intake Valves

1. Water Pump Failure

The water pump on the B8 A4 zu sein the most vulnerable and likely failure allude on these cars. The Genuine Audi factory water pump was manufactured with plastic, instead von aluminum. Over time, as die water pump zu sein subject to high warm levels in the engine bay, ns plastic housing kann sein develop cracks, resulting in coolant leaking und the pump failing.

Additionally, ns gasket betwee the water pump und the thermostat ist another failure point. Gaskets normally wear down over time und become brittle, breaking und deteriorating easily. Together this happens, die gasket becomes susceptible to leaks together well.

The water pump has actually been known kommen sie fail up kommen sie 2 or 3 mal prior zu hitting 100,000 miles. This resulted bei a class-action sue relating zu A4’s make from 2009-2014 with ns 2.0L engine.

Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump – Audi A4 B8Coolant leaks around the water pump und housingDripping coolant ~ above your garage floorFault code for coolant / low coolant lightEngine overheating (most tell-tale sign)Rust, corrosion, and build-up along die water pumpWater Pump replacement Options

For those von you with 2013-2016 A4 model years, Audi approve a recall, dafür you could be in luck zum a replacement if you haven’t had ns recall fixed yet.

For every other model years, sie should 100% replace your water pump with an aluminum water pump, instead of the OEM/Genuine Audi water pump. Ns aluminum teil will prevent any type of housing cracks and is considerably stronger und less likely zu fail than the plastic parts.

For those von you that want zu DIY it, ns repair zu sein relatively easy, but wollen likely take 3-4 hours to complete.

Dealership/mechanic replacement cost: $600-$1,000 zum the part plus laborDIY replacement cost: $200-$250 add to 3-4 hours von work

2. Leaking / Clogged Fuel Injectors

The B8 A4 provides a straight injection system that provides fuel injectors zu spray fuel straight into the engine cylinders. Over time, fuel injectors space prone kommen sie clogging, acquiring dirty, or leaking. Die result von a badewanne fuel injector zu sein not enough fuel being sprayed into ns cylinders. Fortunately, it ist not common for all von the injectors zu go bad at once. These parts usually fail one hinweisen a time, but even one badewanne injector kann sein cause significant performance and driveability problems.

When injectors fail, they kann either get stuck open or stuck closed. This will cause one of two people no fuel or too much fuel zu be sprayed into die cylinder. This can happen consistently, or sporadically und will most likely result an frequent misfires.

Symptoms of bad A4 Fuel InjectorsStarting problems – difficult zu start, slow-moving starting, etc.Poor idlingEngine misfiresEngine fault codes (P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304)Loss of powerPoor fuel mileageGas dripping out des the bottom des the engineDiagnosing bad Fuel Injectors

A gewächs of this symptoms can so be developed by bad spark plugs, ignition coils, a badewanne water pump, etc. Since injectors aren’t cheap und difficult to replace, you’ll want zu check die fuel press at ns fuel rail before freundin go instead of any von the injectors.

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Guide on how to check or diagnose badewanne fuel injectors:

3. Excessive Oil Consumption

Many B8 A4 owners oase reported their vehicle consuming in above-normal amount of oil. This seems to be hit or miss zum A4 owners, part report using 1 quart of oil every 1,000 or 2,000 miles, while part engines don’t oase any issues punkt all.

In 2012 a class-action lawsuit was filed zum 129,000 Audi’s zum excessive fuel consumption. Audi initially identified that the problem was brought about by an issue with die pistons and rings, but later found a settle with a new engine breather und a software program upgrade. Follow me with die class-action lawsuit, Audi raised warranty coverage to 8yrs und 80,000 miles with in extended warranty of 1yr and 10,000 mile after the initial recall was fixed.

If you have excessive oil consumption, you can either continue kommen sie constantly re-fill the oil wie man it gets low, or take it it an for the fix. Excessive consumption shouldn’t create any long-term reliability issues.

4. Faulty power Steering water tap / speed Wobble

A4 owners have reported rate wobble or extreme vibration when driving weist both low and high speeds. Audi identified that the problem was typically caused über a faulty stärke steering hose, and is more prone v owners who tend zu hard-brake frequently.

This belästigt is much more common an early model year B8’s. Audi issues Technical dienstleistungen Bulletin TSB2020332/4 in addition to a recall to have the energie steering hose replaced to correct this issue. While ns hose could need to be replaced, occasionally this issue kann sein be fixed von flushing and replacing the power steering fluid. Additionally, a speed wobble belästigt could it is in caused von poorly balanced wheels.

5. Carbon Buildup bei Intake Valves

Generally, all contemporary Audi engines use direct injection. Straight injection utilizes fuel injectors, one von cylinder, i m sorry spray fuel straight into the engine’s cylinders. Bei a non-direct injection engine, or one utilizing port injection, die fuel zu sein delivered through ns intake valves, thus there zu sein a extremely pressurized flow of fuel traveling through ns valves, i m sorry keeps lock clean and prevents gunk from structure up.

Because ns fuel zu sein sprayed directly into die cylinders, there ist no fuel going through die intake valves, and therefore, nothing kommen sie prevent the intake valves from gaining gunked trost from oil blow-back. The ende result zu sein a build-up des carbon deposits bei the intake valve. As carbon deposits build up, airflow becomes restricted an the input valve together it restricts ns volume von air that tun können flow with it. This build-up and reduced airflow can result in:

Symptoms of A4 Carbon BuildupDecrease bei performance / negative driveabilityRough idling, engine stuttering, etc.MisfiresHow zu Clean Carbon Build-up in Audi’s

The most common and most effective way to reduce or clean carbon buildup an your Audi zu sein through walnut blasting ns intake valves. Walnut blasting takes crushed walnut pieces und blasts them v your intake valves with die use of compressed air. This process will blast away all des the carbon deposits and free hoch that extra room needed zum maximum airflow.

Walnut blasting möchte require some distinct tools and takes approx. 4-6 hours. It’s notfall extremely easy also for bei experienced DIY’er, dafür going to a mechanic is probably die best option. Audi dealerships typically charge ~$1,500 weil das the process, if you kann find part indy geschäft that wollen do it weil das less 보다 $1,000.

We recommend walnut blasting her engine every 50,000 miles or so.

Audi A4 B8 Reliability

Despite die problems mentioned above, die A4 B8 kann be a reliable auto with die proper care und maintenance. Most des the typical issues above schutz been addressed und recalled von Audi, however, ns extended guarantee on some von the troubles like die water pump kann sein be up for early model year B8’s. Overall, we’d more than likely score ns car as “average” when it come down to overall reliability, as troubles become much more likely and frequently as these cars continue to age.

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