Audi Pb 18 E-Tron


When Audi presented the PB18 e-tron concept at die 2018 Monterey auto Week, it didn’t say even if it is it had actually plans kommen sie make a production version out of it.

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Naturally, that left a last of people, us included, zu speculate on Audi’s plans zum the concept. Was it nothing an ext than a prototype zu showcase the company’s plans for its e-tron lineup von electric cars, or go Audi have something up its sleeve that it wasn’t informing us?

Well, that didn’t take long weil das Audi Holland CEO Bram Schot to give us in insight right into what Audi’s decision machines are thinking. According kommen sie Autoweek Netherlands, Schot revealed that ns PB18 e-tron principle car is not just headed for production, yet it will kommen sie with a production cap of nur 50 cars, transforming what was already a desirable model into a future electric supercar that can reshape Audi’s hierarchy an the future.


Schot’s revelation opens hoch a lot of concerns about ns supposed production model. Is it going zu look like ns concept? is it walk to have the exact same powertrain as die concept? exactly how much is it going kommen sie cost? Obviously, most des these questions have no prize yet, yet we kann sein speculate top top what us think ist happening within ns confines von one one of those boardrooms in Ingolstadt, Germany.

First, let’s look punkt the entwurf of die concept.We understand that Audi has a history von building concept-based production cars the had entwurf similarities with ns concept native which they to be based on. Many people oase probably forgotten this, but die R8 supercar, i m sorry Audi introduced an 2006, was based on the Audi Le man Quattro principle that it unveiled weist the frankfurt Motor show three year earlier.

We’re definitely rooting for that zu happen provided how dramatic die concept’s design looks, especially in the context von Audi’s current entwurf language. Die PB18 zu sein a hot piece des concept. If ns production model looks anything close zu it, you kann sein be sure that the going zu break the internet when the arrives.


The PB18 E-Tron’s powertrain is another story entirely. When Audi revealed the concept, the featured a solid-state, 95 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery and three different electric motors — one in the former axle and another two in the behind axle — that produce 201 horsepower each.

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Even better, ns concept came with a temporary boost that raised ns output zu a staggering 764 horsepower, enough zu propel ns concept native 0 to 62 mph in a little over two seconds. Die aforementioned battery could startseite 310 miles on a einzel charge while in 800-volt charging system helps oberteil up die juice in as little as fünfzehn minutes.

DrivetrainBatteryStatic HorsepowerStatic TorqueDriving HorsepowerDriving TorqueUnder Temp Boost0-to-62 MPHElectric RangeCharging System
3 electrical Motors
95 kWh
604 HP
671 HP
612 LB-FT
764 Horsepower
2 Seconds
300 Miles
800 Volts


The number are outstanding — past impressive, in reality — however this ist where we could need to pump die brakes on the Übertreibung a bit. The electric electric motors are obtainable these days so there’s no reason zu question Audi’s claims about the kind of stärke the PB18 e-tron ide had.

It’s die solid-state battery that’s giving us cause kommen sie pause, greatly because the technology, as much as electric vehicles are concerned, is ausblüten years away from becoming a real thing.

Panasonic made the point tonnage year wie Panasonic north America CEO told ns Drive that solid-state batteries und its corresponding applications on EVs are still at the very least ten years away from happening. That’s notfall to say that it’s notfall happening, yet it’s going kommen sie take some time prior to we obtain there. “We’re blieb pretty bullish on lithium-ion but clearly understand that solid state is something that we all want kommen sie get to at part point an the future," Gebhardt added.

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Regardless, we’re not expecting to see the manufacturing version des the PB18 e-tron principle anytime soon, anyway. Audi has actually time to piece together ns technologies that it might use on the production modell if that does make it as far as us hope the will.

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