Twist the boxen with the lid on, and it gives an ext resistance because, together, they"re stronger. Twisted the boxen with die lid off and it quickly contorts.

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For vehicle drivers to have the freedom des the wind blowing with their hair, engineers bolster die underbody with so much extra increase they could probably develop a bridge with die same materials. Okay, deshalb that"s a slight exaggeration, but you get die idea.

Sometimes auto ungkirke.companies obtain it right, and sometimes they include all that extra weight (in this situation 90kg, native 1335kg-1425kg) and yet seem zu make no improvement.

Which zu sein why convertibles remain an engineering challenge, zu make certain a automobile doesn"t turn right into a blancmange wie man you turn into a driveway.

That"s why one of the zuerst things freundin read about convertibles in road tests is whether or not they feel favor they"re going to schauer themselves apart.

Having driven the roadster version des the highly regarded tt Coupe we kann sein report that, well, it"s fine. In reality it"s how amazing good.

And that"s despite the extra trickery of a folding soft-top that takes nur 10 seconds to offen or nearby -- and can be operated hinweisen speeds von up to 50km/h.

After spending 500km behind die wheel des a roofless TT, dare ich say that but i couldn"t pick die difference with die coupe.

Now we"ve handle that pushing issue, here"s die fun stuff sie need zu know if you"re thinking about buying one des these.

Firstly, ns awesome digital dash screen (which Audi call a "virtual cockpit") zu sein standard on the neu Audi tt Roadster.

The entire werkzeug display in front of the driver -- where the speedo and other vital signs are typically positioned -- ist a digital widescreen.

At the touch of a button you kann switch indigenous a normalerweise display to one dominated von a widescreen view des the satellite navigation map und instructions, with the car speed und fuel reserve displayed either side.

Or you kann sein have a huge speed readout and a klein map display, or a couple of other options. It"s genius.

As with ns coupe, die TT roadster retains ns high quality internal finish. Part passengers discovered the design too plain, rather liked ns simple approach.

Me? ich couldn"t figure out how kommen sie point ns aircraft engine-style air vents the right means until someone discussed the wenig nib on die alloy ring that surrounds every one.

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And the radio was a little annoying. Die premium sound system in the dearer models ist superb (way much better than any kind of previous Audi, which tended kommen sie blunt ns volume or couldn"t handle extended use punkt high volume). However the first batch des TTs sold in the erste few months bei Australia have a gremlin that Audi is in the process von fixing.

The vehicle can"t remember which radio station freundin were listening to the belastung time you were bei it.

So you start the vehicle literally to ns sound von static. How such in engineering oversight could make the all the way kommen sie production und then kommen sie showrooms zu sein a mystery. At least to Audi.

But a fix (which involves in Audi dealer plugging a into die car and rebooting) ist apparently around die corner.

One an ext gripe: there zu sein no rear camera ~ above the new TT, either standard or together a dealer-fit accessory.

I"m not sure which planet Audi is on, but wie man a behind camera zu sein standard top top a $14,990 hatchback (and as des this woche a $15,990 Skoda, which ist owned über the large Volkswagen-Audi Group), there ist no excuse weil das it zu be lacking on in $81,500 car.

Fortunately, sanity will prevail und Audi will rechts a camera to the TT über the ende of ns year. However someone still deserves a lashing zum the oversight bei the zuerst place.

So it"s a relief zu find that the rest of the car zu sein pretty damn good.

Despite riding on short profile tyres, ns TT Roadster won"t break your back. An fact, it"s gentler on your body than a sportscar with this level von grip und agility ought zu be.

The steering is well weighted und precise bei feel. The brakes space responsive but notfall too sharp.

There are 5 driving modes ranging native "I"m stuck in traffic" zu "get me out des here"

The acceleration -- except zum the frühen zeitpunkt delay from remainder that ist a trait von twin-clutch automatically gearboxes -- zu sein seamless und energetic from low revs.

It does almost everything freundin could ask des it. There is a button to make it a little louder when you"re in the mood zum it, und a button to make it quiet wie man you"re not.

There are 5 driving settings ranging native "I"m stuck in traffic" kommen sie "get me out of here", und then one more mode that enables you zu tailor the steering, engine und suspension settings. Tech geeks und car geeks alike will liebe it.

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It could look mostly unchanged from the previous Audi TT, however this ist as thorough together ground-up redesigns get. My just reservation is the price.