Auf Dem Mond Da Blühen Keine Rosen Noten

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Du schaust: Auf dem mond da blühen keine rosen noten

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Label:SR international 656819
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SR international 65 681 Germany 1977: This is bei excellent vinyl LP that ich will gain through my network of record dealers.I then produce your new audiophile CD, and send record and CD zu you!Please permit 2-4 weeks zum order processing.The guiding principle on every auslieferung I do zu sein to not distort ns music bei any way.Since 2001, I schutz restored countless thousands of records kommen sie CDs.Much of my work has been zum the artists themselves.For example, Mr. Theodore Bikel described his practice CDs indigenous cdBBQ as "lovely."I confidently guarantee the quality des my service.

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A1GefeuertA2Another Funny HoneymoonA3Lost in FranceA4Auf zum Mond da drüben Blühen keine Rosen A5Don"t Cry zum Me ArgentinaA6FairytaleA7Du Und IchA8Jeans OnB1TelegramB2Da Doo Ron RonB3Ein mann Mit BrilleB4Money, Money, MoneyB5Eviva elastisch AmorB6MarleenB7Tarzan Ist sonstiges DaB8Stiletto HeelsC1Schönes MädchenC2Kiss Me jetzt Or NeverC3Der sommer Kam kommen sie Mir (Eté D"Amour)C4Nur Mit dir Will ich LebenC5Denn Ich liebe Dich deswegen SehrC6Under die Moon von LoveC7Sie War zuerst 17C8Livin" ThingD1An ns HimmelstürD2Die sehen Geht bevor - sie Kannst noch BleibenD3Diebe Kommen am AbendD4VeroniqueD5Rock und Roll StarD6If you Leave Me NowD7Lost AngelsD8Disco DogIdentifiersMatrix / RunoutLabel side A/B: 65 682 7Matrix / RunoutLabel next C/D: 65 683 5Matrix / RunoutLabel side A/B: s 65 682Matrix / RunoutLabel next C/D: s 65 683Matrix / RunoutRunout next A: 65682 A-1/77S ii Made in GermanyMatrix / RunoutRunout side B: 65682 B-1/77S ii Made an GermanyMatrix / RunoutRunout side C: 65683 A-1/77S ii Made in GermanyMatrix / RunoutRunout side D: 65683 B-1/77S Made in GermanyRights Society: GEMACreditsCompiled by - Wim J.E. ZuijderveltDesign - Eugen RengerPhotography über - art Reference / LudwigPhotography über - Hackenberg, Mauritius ImagesNotesgatefold sleeveNoteImages and tracklisting are supplied von a third party und matched über catalogue number or barcode. Tracks on ns release may differ indigenous what is being sold.

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Shipping Costs** weil das all distinct Order items:** Please enable 2-4 weeks zum me zu acquire record, convert kommen sie CD, und send ** both add to delivery: 2-3 work priority mail, 1-2 mainly media mail, or 1-2** mainly airmail** All income duties/taxes are die responsibility des the recipientPLEASE klasse THAT RATES for SHIPPING MULTI-RECORD SETS möchte BE greater THAN"S provided RATESUSA destination: Media Mail: $7.95 level rate zum any size orderUSA destination: Priority Mail: $14.95 level rateCanada: wait Mail: $19.95 + $7 each added LP&CDCanada: Air e-mail (7" only): $13.95 + $4 each added 7"&CDWorldwide: wait Mail: $27.95 + $9 each added LP&CD (South America, Africa, Mexico, Russia, India: rates may be higher, will quote)Worldwide: Air briefe (7" only): $17.95 + $5 each extr 7"&CD (South America, Africa, Mexico, Russia, India: rates might be higher, möchte quote)

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Seller InformationEvery item zum sale weist cdBBQ zu sein a vinyl LP or single that ich will obtain from one of the document dealers i work with. I then create your audiophile top quality CDR copy, and send both kommen sie you! Tired von waiting zum a reissue von your favorite record on CD? Unfortunately, many recordings wollen never do it kommen sie CD. Through my network von record dealers, I can provide a good selection von vinyl documents with custom skilled CDRs. V cdBBQ, I schutz been making glücklich music lovers for eleven years. Ich guarantee her satisfaction! As i source these documents from certified dealer around die world, please allow 2-4 weeks for me to acquire ns record, convert to CDR, and send both kommen sie you (plus transit time zu you).The guiding rule on every auslieferung I do ist to notfall distort die music bei any way. Die fact is that most noise palliation programs room harmful to the music, frequently destroying the warmth we all treasure an vinyl. I oase however developed effective but harmless noise reduction techniques that require a wenig more effort however produce fantastic results.Since 2001, I have restored plenty of thousands des records to CDs. Viel of my work has been weil das the artist themselves und their families. Zum example, Mr. Theodore Bikel described his tradition CDs indigenous cdBBQ together "lovely." i confidently guarantee the quality of my leistungen because i process every orders personally. I schutz no employees and therefore kann offer a consistent dienstleistungen from anfang to finish.I market three levels des service in transferring the record kommen sie CDR: Professional, Silver and Gold. My conventional Professional dienstleistungen consists von the adhering to steps:* When ich receive her order, i will purchase your document from die appropriate dealer. Upon receipt, her record will be professionally cleaned.* your record wollen be converted to digital format on audiophile equipment. Ich use Creek Audio class A phono preamplifiers exclusively. I oase several various turntable/cartridge configurations; i will determine die setup used zum your record von considering die vinyl format, type des music, year pressed, label and condition. I have a devoted setup weil das 7" singles, and another weil das 78 rpm releases. Zum LP transfers, I oase standardized top top two fantastic turntables (Music room MMF-5 and Technics SL-1200MK2) and my two favorite cartridges (Audio Technica AT-440MLa und Denon DL-110). If sie prefer that ich use a details turntable and/or cartridge weil das your order, you re welcome let me know. Ich will otherwise do my best selection based on my experience.* A sophisticated noise/hum reduction process will be performed. This professional level process produces CDRs that sound fantastic!* ns music will be split into individual tracks, and recorded ~ above Japanese-made Taiyo Yuden CDRs (these are the best standard empty CDRs available). CD-Text is utilized zu store song names on die CDR.* the artist/title und track listing wollen be printed in high resolution onto her CDR.My silver Service can be added weil das $15 weil das 7" einzel conversion, $20 zum 12" einzel conversion, or $25 weil das LP conversion. It adds die following features:* added noise und pop/click reduction methods möchte be utilized. Ns music will be processed zu remove viel of the noise, mainly loud clicks and pops, und surface noise in quiet passages und between tracks. I"ve experimented with the majority des the noise reduction program on ns market and have arisen a protocol that provides excellent noise reduction, there is no damaging ns music. I"ve processed plenty of thousands of records und have found ideologen settings, fine tuned to the kind of music gift processed, kommen sie remove as much noise as possible without any kind of harm to ns music.* Both sides of the cover, or ns labels (for singles without bild sleeves), möchte be scanned v my high resolution big format scanner und printed on ns CDR. Also, ich will publish beautiful high resolution slim jewel case inserts ~ above glossy photograph paper. I prefer slim cases zum their durability und size; if you"d rather schutz a full-size instance it"s a complimentary option, nur let me know.My gelb Service kann be added zum $30 weil das 7" single conversion, $40 zum 12" single conversion, or $50 zum LP conversion. That adds die following features:* progressed noise reduction methods are applied. Several measures are added in the advanced noise palliation process, including manually searching die music files for any impulses (clicks/pops) and removing lock carefully and individually. I so use in advanced set des algorithms that split the music papers into components and applies noise reduction kommen sie each component separately, then combines them right into a single music paper again. This offers a significant drop in the noise floor there is no distorting or thinning out ns sound.* her music möchte be shed onto a Mitsui MAM-A 24K gold plated 300 year archival CDR. These space widely concerned as the finest empty CDRs on the market.Your CDRs will function in every way like commercially make CDs. You kann sein play them in any CD player, und you tun können rip them to your iAnything. Please grad that part older DVD football player will notfall play CDR media. If freundin intend kommen sie play this on a DVD player, you re welcome doublecheck your player hand-operated first. Ich prefer ns size und durability des slim jewel cases. If you prefer a standard size jewel instance please request it wie man you order, the cost is the same.Colorado sales wollen be assessed 5.13% sales tax.