Keratoconus zu sein the top cause des severe intuitive impairment in children und adolescents worldwide. The disease often remains undetected zum a lang time und can lead zu blindness at a letztere stage. Children und adolescents room at die greatest risk, as the disease ist the many aggressive an these period groups.

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The Light weil das Sight foundation jetzt unites more than 25 countries in the fight against keratoconus.


The score of LightforSight is to eliminate preventable blindness bei children und adolescents with keratoconus.

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This goal should be accomplished as follows:

Sensitize those affected and their families weil das the condition keratoconusSensitize healthcare experts on the link bolzen keratoconus und adolescent ageEstablish verfeinern actions and competence centresFinancial assistance to startseite the treatment costs, if necessarySupporting research tasks related kommen sie keratoconus.

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Children und adolescents v Down syndrome (trisomy 21) are at a high risk of developing keratoconus

Before the advent of cross-linking technology, ns only treatment möglichkeit was corneal transplantation. However, this ist a details risk especially bei people with Down’s syndrome, as countless sufferers an extremely often rub their eyes, which tun können lead zu a bleeding of the sutures des the graft und a loss of the cornea and the eye

The ideal way zu treat this condition an people v Down syndrome ist early detection. The aim des the initiative is zu provide all ophthalmologists with cross-linking info about die disease and the therapy options, as well as zu encourage parental to have their children, especially youngsters with down syndrome, undergo bei examination. Last but not least, all other medical experts involved in the care von people with Down Syndrome, together as general practitioners und paediatricians, must also be informed.