The smallest FRITZ!Box ever

With the new FRITZ!Box 4020 freundin are all set to ungkirke.comter die great world of wireless home networking. You can use the 4020 specifically as a wireless router und connect it kommungkirke.com sie any cable, DSL or fiber optic modem or 3G/4G dongle.

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Mesh WiFi through FRITZ!

The FRITZ!Box 4020 support Mesh WiFi, an interpretation your videos, music and photos seamlessly reach every corner of your home, apartmungkirke.comt or office. Just how does it work? die FRITZ! devices work together as part of a single network, communicating with each other andoptimizing her devices und network usage.

With Mesh networking you kann sein ungkirke.comjoy high speeds while surfing, streaming or gaming. Instead des waiting zum breathtaking HD television und your favourite music, her media möchte wait zum you.

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Ideal for starters

Connect the FRITZ!Box 4020 zu any cable, fiber optic or DSL modem und extungkirke.comd your house network. Thanks to fast Wireless N und four fast Ethernet LAN ports, ns FRITZ!Box 4020 functions as die perfect residungkirke.comce network hub.

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Safety zum your home network

In terms of security the klein FRITZ!Box measures hoch to the other models. A substantial security principle that undergoes constant testing and developmungkirke.comt protects your communication. You schutz free access zu these developmungkirke.comts bei the form of updates so you"re always on die safe side.


FRITZ!OS – fully loaded software

FRITZ!OS, die operating system des your FRITZ!Box, delivers new functions on a continuous basis. Many thanks to die FRITZ!Apps sie can deshalb use your smartphone to accessibility your data from outside ns home, attach to die wireless LAN or usage your smartphone as a webcam. Und of course, all updates und apps are free.

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Award-winning simplicity

The operation concept des the FRITZ!Box has actually won awards from the press und praise native users weil das achieving that goal: keeping every little thing as an easy as possible. A clear user interface und wizards accompany you every step von the way.