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When the comes to awards show, it"s not unusual to lakers hosts swapping outfits throughout the night. Zum many masters von ceremony, it"s also an possibility to schutz fun with mode -- like wie man Doja Cat wore produziert memorable "worm" costume at the 2020 MTV video Music Awards, or that time Ellen DeGeneres stepped out in Björk"s iconic swan dress while hosting die 2001 Emmys.

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At die American Music Awards tonnage night, it was Cardi B"s turn to offer herstellung take top top host-worthy mode -- and she didn"t skimp on dramatic flair or wardrobe changes.

The rapper set ns tone on ns red carpet wearing a dramatic mesh veil and black gown by Schiaparelli, a couture home known for its surrealist approach to fashion. Produziert accessories -- a gelb mask, bold statement earrings, gloves und long fingernails -- completed die look.

Cardi ns wearing herstellung most avant garde look of the night, a gelb mask and black gown von Schiaparelli. Credit: matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
There was more to come. Herstellung elaborate headdresses, including a towering feathered item that trailed under her rückseitig to ns floor und a fan-shaped showstopper, to be paired v a black gown and black and white corseted outfit respectively. Punkt one point, ns performer posed on a baggage cart wearing a schwarz blazer v angular silver- shoulders und sparkly boots, i m sorry caught ns light together she moved.

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Velvet und sparkle appeared an multiple outfits -- including a royal purple figure-hugging dress with huge feathered shoulders and a chandalier-esque chest piece made indigenous dangling crystals. Even a an ext casual look, a denim jacket von Schiaparelli, was embellished through gold and jewel accents, and worn through oversized earrings sporting the label"s signature eye motif.

Cardi b accepted die award for Favorite Hip-Hop das lied dressed in a lime green gown. Credit: kevin Winter/Getty Images
While playing host, Cardi ns was so a nominee bei multiple categories, eventually scoring a win weil das Favorite Hip-Hop das lied with die track "Up." She wore produziert brightest outfit, a lime green entwurf with a billowing cape, kommen sie accept the award.

To round sachen off, she posed with produziert award weist the ende of ns night wearing in all-white creation. She smiled for the cameras indigenous under a statuesque hood, embellished with a crystal trim und firework-shaped accents. Under it, she wore a rolling gown v a thigh-high split and a pair von satin platform heels.
Cardi B's compensation paired nicely with produziert white gown and crystal-embellished hood. Credit: matter Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

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The organize wasn"t die only star to do a sartorial splash at ns awards. "Deja Vu" singer olivia Rodrigo, that was die most nominated artist on die night, scooped hoch a win zum New Artist von the Year put on a periwinkle david Koma sequined gown when "Pose" star Billy Porter wore a blue umbrella headdress von Botter. See our finest dressed gallery zum more looks from ns night.