How To Enable Or Disable Plugins In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a website browser that runs on multiple platforms like mobiles & desktops.It is a secure, simple và speedy web browser.According khổng lồ the reports chrome is the most popular website browser in the world.

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Main purpose of this article is khổng lồ teach you about what is Google chrome plugins and how khổng lồ install, access,disable & remove them.

What are Google Chrome Plugins ?

First if we look about plugins in Google chrome they are software programs, built on web technologies lượt thích HTML ,CSS và JavaScript. These plugins for chrome allows users to lớn customize the Chrome browsing experience by adding additional features.

As examples following are few popular plugins in chrome:

GrammarlyuBlock OriginHTTPS EverywhereClick&Clean

Plugins in chrome can be easily installed và uninstalled according khổng lồ your needs.Google plugins are also called as chrome extensions.

The most common question that people ask about plugins google chrome is where are my chrome extensions. We’ll show you how lớn access and manage Chrome plugins & extensions in this tutorial. So, let’s get down khổng lồ the nitty gritty.

How lớn Access Chrome Extensions or Plugins ?

There are 03 ways to lớn access extensions in chrome.


In the first technique type following URL in the google chrome address bar và hit enter.



Then it will open the chrome plugins manager và you can see all the installed plugins or extensions.



In the second technique you have to lớn click on the google chrome settings button which is located on the top right upper corner in the address bar. It is also spotted in the following image.


Once you click on the settings button a drop down menu will be expanded và there is a option called ‘More tools’ then click on it và then again a sub menu will be expanded & there is a option called ‘Extensions’ click on it to open the chrome plugins manager và view the chrome plugins settings.




Lets see how khổng lồ go khổng lồ chrome plugins using another technique. As we did on the second technique, click on the google chrome settings button which is located on the top right upper corner in the address bar.

Once you click on the settings button a drop down menu will be expanded và there is a option called ‘Settings’ then click on it.

Then click on the ‘Extensions’ button as shown in the below image.

Google chrome extensions manager will be displayed as follows.

How to access JavaScript & flash extensions in Google Chrome?

As you already know Java Scripts improve the website functionality và user experience but sometimes it negatively affects in site loading time. Latest websites utilize lot of Java scripts in their development. Fortunately in Google chrome we can access to lớn JavaScript & disable unnecessary ones.

First xuất hiện the Google chrome settings page và click on the ‘Privacy & security ‘ button as below image.

Once you open the Google chrome Privacy & security settings there is a option called ‘Site Settings’ ,this setting Controls what information sites can use và show like location, camera và pop-ups. Click on that button to xuất hiện site settings.

In site settings area you can find two major sections called ‘permissions’ & ‘Content’ . If we look at Chrome site permissions area you can change website permissions related to Location , Camera, Microphone , Notifications và Background Sync.

Next lets see nội dung area in the Chrome privacy và security options. You can find settings related lớn Cookies và other site data , JavaScript ,Images và Pop-ups và redirects. You can enable, disable và restrict JavaScript and other relevant settings.

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How to lớn install plugins or extensions in Google Chrome browser ?

In order to install plugins chrome follow the below steps.

If you are not signed in to your google tài khoản first you have khổng lồ sign in khổng lồ install the google chrome plug in.

If you use chrome browser for private browsing by enabling incognito mode you can not install google chrome plugin. Because it creates a temporary session và user data will not save during the session.

Then you have to lớn visit the Chrome web store to search the relevant plugin. If you wonder, The Google Chrome web Store is an online store for Google’s Chrome web browser. Click on the liên kết below lớn visit the website store.

Click on tìm kiếm the store & enter the name of the plugin that you want to install. In this tutorial I will use “Grammarly” google chrome plug as an example.Then click enter.

Then you can find a danh mục of relevant google plugin that match with the entered term

Then click on the plug ins google chrome that you need khổng lồ installed in this tutorial I will click on “Grammarly” .

Now you can see the Google chrome plugin page & there is a button on the left upper corner called ‘Add to lớn Chrome ‘ click on that button lớn initiate the installation process.

You will see a notification window popped out on đứng đầu of the windows with two options: you can install the extension by clicking on the ‘Add extension’ button và opt out of the installation by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button.

After that you can launch installed plugins by clicking on extensions button in the browser.

How lớn Disable Extensions in Chrome ?

If you want to lớn disable chrome installed plugins or extensions you can use the following method khổng lồ disable them.

First open the following URL in your chrome browser.


Then you can see all the installed plugins google chrome.

Then choose the plugin that you want to lớn disable and swipe the button from right lớn left.

How to lớn Remove Chrome Extension or Plugin ?

You may have some google plugins or extensions rarely used. You can easily remove those chrome extensions by clicking on the remove button as shown in the below image. In the following example we remove Google slides chrome extension.

Then you will see a popped up notification on đứng đầu of the browser so you can click on ‘Remove’ button to lớn delete the extension và ‘Cancel’ button to cancel deletion.

Final Words

Extensions , Plugins or tiện ích mở rộng what ever the name you use they are truly gems for the chrome browser. They showroom very effective and powerful features to the users. In this tutorial i taught you How khổng lồ Access Chrome Extensions or Plugins and installing, disabling và removing them.If you have any questions about don’t be hesitate to comment below.

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