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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a massively multiplayer online strategy trò chơi for thiết bị di động devices. It's based on the Square Enix năm 2016 action-RPG Final Fantasy XV and features some of the characters from that title. Although it has lengthy in-game tutorials, players are still hungry for more cheats and walkthroughs. Learn how lớn hone your skills, expand the boundaries of your empire, và more.

Because Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is an online game, developers may implement changes that affect the accuracy of the information in this article. An internet connection is always required to play.

How lớn Use the Secret University in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

You can study at the Secret University khổng lồ boost your abilities and stats. Choose one of the following research paths:

Economics: Improve resource production.Combat: Improve your troops' stats.Defense: Fortify your walls và troops when under attack.Hero: Improve your hero's stats.Crafting: Expand the types of items you can make.

Joining a guild & taking on Guild quests with other players is the best way khổng lồ earn Gil, stat boosts, and không tính phí items. It's possible to lớn stack Guild quests so you can tackle multiple ones simultaneously.

Seek out guilds with active members. When you join a guild, you receive notifications when your fellow members need help. Assisting other players in this way rewards you with Loyalty Points, which are used lớn purchase items in your guild's store. Loyalty Points can also be used khổng lồ upgrade your VIP status.

FFXV: A New Empire Building Types

Complete Empire Quests khổng lồ gain resources & build up your empire. The most important building in the game is your citadel, which is your empire's capital. Upgrade it lớn unlock new building types, each with its own special function.

Building TypeFunction
WallProtect your empire's borders.
Hero MonumentGain extra EXP.
EmbassyHouse Guild reinforcements.

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WatchtowerPredict incoming attacks.
HospitalHeal wounded troops.
BankIncrease the amount of Gil you can hold.
BarracksIncrease the kích cỡ of your Training Queue.
Banishment PortalGain stat boosts after you banish an enemy.
PrisonHold enemy Heroes prisoner.
Secret UniversityUnlock new skills & stat boosts.
TreasuryStore Gil.
Training GroundsTrain your troops.
Proving GroundsFight monsters for rewards.
ArmoryCraft gear.

FFXV: A New Empire Mods and Hacks

Players have created hacks và mods that can be side-loaded onto iOS và Android devices. It"s also possible, although highly unethical, to lớn create bots for raiding other players và farming resources. Hackerbot is a reliable source of information for FFXV: A New Empire mods, but always run a vi khuẩn scan before opening files you download from the internet.

There are no hacks or mods for obtaining more Gil because the developers tightly control the distribution of in-game currency.